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9-7/8"Sq. Cheese Wrap for Washed Rind Cheeses

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This item is now available at the following link: http://www.cheesemaking.com/TwoPlyCheeseWrapWRP.html

Cheese Wrapping Paper

We have a great supply of quality mold ripened cheese wrapping papers,
including both white rind 'croûte fleurie' and washed rind 'croûte lavée'

White penicillin ripened rinds such as Camembert and soft ripened goat cheeses

Washed rinds (red)
developed with a light brine wash
such as Munster
this paper is comprised of 2 layers:
1.. The inner layer is a parafin coated (cheese side) thin white parchment paper bonded to...
2.. A 20 micron opaque White micro-perferated Polypropylene layer

The inner paper is designed to pull moisture away from the surface of the cheese and it's parafin coating will keep the candidum mold from growing into the paper (which would result in tearing the surface upon opening)

The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss .... Essentially allowing the white mold to remain active while not becoming excessive

also made up of 2 layers:
1.. An inner layer of thin sulphurized grease proof paper bonded to...
2.. A 20 micron Transparent micro-perferated Polypropylene layer

the sulphurized inner paper will pull moisture away from the surface of the cheese (trapping it between the 2 layers) and restrains the surface mold growth ... in addition it will prevent the very common problem of crystal formation which results in grainy or sandy rinds

The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss
the transparent top coat allows the cheese to be seen through the thin inner paper which becomes somewhat translucent after wrapping
In both of these papers:

The objective is to absorb the moisture from the cheese surface during early ripening by soaking into the inner layer while the outer layer prevents excessive moisture loss

Towards the later stages of ripening, as the cheese prepares for market this moisture reserve is available to the cheese again

These papers are very specialized and will deteriorate if excessive moisture remains in the young cheese
If the inner layer becomes saturated with moisture the paper will begin to stick to the cheese and deteriorate ... This will become worse with overripe cheese ..i.e. high ammonia

...If the cheese is too moist plain waxed paper would be best until the moisture is reduced

We are currently supplying these papers in many sizes
For the white mold ripened cheeses

400 mm 15 3/4"
Tomme & Brie

250 mm 9 7/8"

200 mm 7 7/8"
Crottin Style

For the washed rinds (Red)
large 400 mm 15 3/4"
Munster, Trappist, Blue, Tallegio

250 mm 9 7/8"


1. How do I choose which wraps to buy?

If you are making your cheese at home and have the time and patience to monitor the final ripening stages on a daily basis, you may not need a wrap at all.

If, however, you want a reprieve from this constant watch and have cool storage and proper moisture, you may easily get by with the clear single layer wraps. They are somewhat permeable and the cheese should be able to breathe well.

If you plan to leave your cheese unattended, as in sending to a store or in giving for gifts where they will not get the attention they need, the 2 ply wrap is best. The inner parchment layer acts to absorb surface moisture and hold it in reserve for dry conditions. The perforated poly outer layer restricts moisture loss but still allows gases to move through it.

http://www.cheesemaking.com/images/productimages/chspapred300.jpg2. How does the 2-ply wrap differ from the clear, breathable wrap?

The clear wrap was designed to allow a certain amount of moisture to leave, but not enough to dry out the cheese. The 2 ply is a better solution because it also has the waxed parchment inner layer to act as a moisture absorbing layer and transmit excess moisture to the perforated outer layer. Many of our customers have been using the clear wrap successfully for years, so we continue to carry it for them.

http://www.culinate.com/hunk/310973. When should I wrap my cheese?

Wait until the mold has fully developed. Make sure it is not too wet or it will just saturate the wrap.

4. My cheese is sticking to the wrap.

It may have been wrapped while it was still too moist, or there may have been too many temperature fluctuations. Wait until it is dry before wrapping and keep the temperature consistent while storing.

5. Black mold has formed on my wrapped cheeses.

This can be caused by washing the cheeses too frequently or by the surface growth being so thick that it holds excess moisture.

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