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    Take the guesswork out of the aging process! Easily installed on the outside of your cheese refrigerator, this handy thermostat will give you an accurate reading of the aging temperature without having to open the door. A sturdy, compact thermostat with a visible scale and an adjustable set point knob, with a temperature range of 30-80ºF. 

    DIRECTIONS: This thermostat is simple to use: First, plug the refrigerator cord into the thermostat and then plug thermostat into your outlet. Second, place the probe in the refrigerator and set the refrigerator at the lowest temperature. Then set your desired temperature on the thermostat. Placing the probe into a jar of water in the fridge will keep the fridge from cycling excessively when opening and closing.

    It can take up to a week for the thermostat and fridge to stabilize at the set temperature so please be patient. Also note that the room temp needs to be warmer than your set temperature since this only works on cooling and not warming. A fridge thermostat set to 52ºF will not function in an exterior temp below 52ºF
    The controller can also be used on a chest or upright freezer in the same manner as above

    Setting Up a Fridge for aging cheese

    The Aging considerations for aging are:
    ... A proper and as constant Temperature (45-58F) as possible
    ... Specific
    Moisture level for the specific cheeses (~ 80-98%)
    ... A certain amount of
    Fresh Air to remove by-products of aging

    The temperature can be easily controlled using our controller as described on the details page.

    The humidity can be controlled by simply using a pan of water with a partial cover as shown here. By simply adjusting the cover opening you should be able to control the amount of humidity. At times you may need to seriously increase the amount of moisture in the box, especially when starting out. In this case you may need to spray the inside w/ sterile water or provide a damp towel.

    You will also notice that at seasons change you will have abrupt changes in the moisture level

    You should seriously consider a means to measure the moisture in your mini-cave as the gauge (hygrometer) in the photos above.

    The amount of cheese inside the cave will also affect the amount of moisture needed. It is less of a problem when filled with moist cheeses
    All of the above can also be done with a used full sized unit or a mini/dorm fridge.

    Also here is our link with more information on setting up an aging space/cave at home

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Just what I needed

    I received my thermostat yesterday. It was very easy to install. My fridge would not get warm enough for aging but now it is right where it needs to be. You just plug the thermostat into the wall and the fridge into the thermostat and it overrides you fridge thermostat.

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