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The Company

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, Inc. was started in 1978 by Ricki and Robert Carroll of Ashfield, Massachusetts.

Bob moved to western Massachusetts to study at the University of Massachusetts and I followed after a career in teaching elementary school art in Englewood New Jersey.

We were introduced to raising dairy goats by a neighbor, and with this introduction came a bit more milk than we could drink. Through necessity we discovered the many aspects of home cheesemaking. There was little information on home cheesemaking available at that time in the US, so we did research at various places across the country and in Europe, to learn about the process of making cheeses at home.

We studied under small scale cheesemakers in England, France, Holland and Canada. We promoted and taught home cheesemaking workshops and ran the business together from 1978 through 1980. We also did a good deal of research on the history of farmstead and small-scale cheesemaking and played an active part in starting the American Cheese Sociey in 1983. In 1980 I took over New England Cheesemaking Supply Company and built it into what it is today. I still teach cheesemaking classes here in Ashfield and keep the business hopping.

Our book CHEESEMAKING MADE EASY, has sold over 140,000 copies. First written in 1981 it quickly became the bible for home cheesemakers around the world. When we appeared on 'The Today Show' in 1982 we realized we had made it. It has been mostly uphill ever since.

I have just completed a total revision of the book which we now sell under the name of Home Cheese Making, it has almost tripled in size.

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