Hello, I would like to thank you for my order which winged its way to New Zealand very quickly and I am delighted with the results I am achieving. Kind regards, Bev C. New Zealand

I want to thank you for the fastest service I have ever had the pleasure of running into. You must be quite proud of your service people. Thank you again and have a terrific year! Brian, PA

You are the nicest people in the world to deal with!!, Mary Ann Alexander

Denise & Kathy, I ordered a Beginners Hard Cheese Kit from you all...I wanted to thank you for getting it to me practically before I ordered it! As someone who shops online for more than I ought to, I just wanted to say that you are only the 3rd online vendor who seems to be able to grab an order and turn it out immediately..Thanks again for the speedy service, and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future..Regards, Bret Frohwein

I want to thank you for the fastest service I have ever had the pleasure of running into. You must be quite proud of your service people. Thank you again and have a terrific year! Brian Taras, PA

Thank you for my order, I placed my pillow and blanket under the mail shoot waiting for my cheese making goodies to arrive. They arrived today. I am so excited...there are no mail casualties, everything survived the mail handlers. Tonight my kitchen is going to be Cheeseville City, Yokosuka, Japan. My beer making friends will not have anything on me....I always try to stay one step ahead of them! The next time they breakout the home made beer, I will breakout some home made cheese! Terry Shampo, Japan

I recently placed an order with your company and am very impressed with your website, the prompt and efficient handling of my order and with the product itself. I read through the concise, simple instructions and to my amazement, it really is as easy as it sounded. My first batch of mozzarella did indeed only take about 30 minutes and the results were pretty tasty! I will be placing an order soon for some lipase to see how that will effect the flavor and texture, and some additional supplies since I am already feeling confident about trying my hand at making some other types of cheeses. Lynn Shy

Boy, that was fast! I just ordered two books the other day, and they already arrived! Such quick service. I am looking forward to using these books, Goats Produce Too and Cheesemaking Made Easy as soon as our does kid in a few weeks. Thanks! And may God bless your endeavors. Sergio and Virginia Youmans

Hi, We received our order about 36 hours after placing the order on the internet! Thanks for the fast service. Kristina

I just received my order today in the mail and wanted to thank you for responding so quickly to my original email question and for getting the order here so quickly. I have done enough cataloge buying in the past to appreciate your timeliness. This was such a good experience, that you can be sure I will come to you first in the future and will also recommend you to others. Thanks again. Janice Proctor

Dear Ricki, I ordered a mozzarella kit and your book and some stuff for cheddar cheese making and it came in only 2 days! Wow, I am impressed. I will recommend you to everyone who I can convince to try to make cheese at home. Rachael Aragon, CO

I just ordered some goat cheese making supplies for my dad in Pennsylvania. I order quite a bit off the net and I just wanted to say your service is excellent. The delivery of my last purchase was super fast. I received written confirmation quickly and you immediately answer any questions I email to you. This is why I am ordering from you guys! Thanks again, Lucia Krul.

Thank you so much for refunding my shipping and handling charges so quickly. My Pop has already received his cheesemaking kit and loves it! Thank you! Debbie Myers

I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate dealing with someone who takes the time to talk with me and help me. I have been having problems with my bread machine for months now an NObody has returned my calls or e-mail, etc. So, thank you for being so compliant and helpful.

The mozzarella kit I ordered earlier this week arrived today and I especially liked the heart-shaped smiley faces on the package. Thank you for your very prompt action - I do appreciate it very much. Jo Torrey

Dear Friends, Thank you not only for your great company but also your friendliness (and compassion) to us, your customers, Terry, MI

I placed my order over the internet and was a little concerned about how long it would take to receive it. I have ordered over the internet in the past to others companies and it would sometimes take weeks to receive things. You could imagine how surprised and very, very pleased I was to receive my oreder in only 3 days! Everything I ordered was there and the total charged to me was exactly the same as the one I was told over the internet. I am very ahppy I placed my order with this company and will be sure to tell everyone I know how fast and easy it was. Thank you! Linda DAlto

Dear Ricki, I have placed another order with your company and cannot tell you how pleased I am that once again I received my order within 3 days. I ordered the mozzarella kit for myself about a month ago and have now made cheese for almost my entire family. Everyone loves it!! I ordered 2 more mozzarella kits as Christmas gifts, and a cheesemaking book for myself. When I received the order I was looking through the new Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit booklet and noticed I do not have this one! It looks wonderful, especially the mozzarella cheesecake recipe on the back. I was wondering if there is any way you can mail me this new booklet? I would really appreciate it. Thanks again for getting my orders out so fast! Linda DAlto, FL

Thank you for not charging me extra UPS. Enclosed is a check for the balance of $4.00. It was mailed on the 1st and I received it on the 5th. You have a highly efficient organization! Marie DiLapin, NJ

You guys are the greatest!! Thanks! Dianna Whitmer, AK

I nearly fainted when my order arrived on Friday. Your efficiency is mind-boggling! I am totally into this cheese making stuff - with two little dairy does giving me a gallon of milk a day, I will not run out of raw materials. As soon as I get my head above milk, I will be ordering more supplies. Thanks again and again - your instructions are fabulous and easy to follow, and I am snatching bits of time to get into the book for more ideas and adventures. Diane

Holy smokes! I got the right rennet before I even saw your message! You guys are awesome. Thanks! Jessica

Thank you for rushing my order. I am cow sitting an additional cow and hope to have time to make some cheese. Also thank you for being available to answer my questions last month. Megan, ME

Last week I mailed an order on Monday and I nearly fell over to see the package in my mailbox on Friday! Thanks so much for the quick service! JoDee Ingalls

Hi All! I cannot believe the items I ordered this week arrived at my desk at work today. I am so excited to get started. I took your cheesemaking class way back in the very early 80s, and the wonderful memory has stayed with me all these years. I am thrilled your home business has grown into what we see today on the web. Congratulations! You offer experience, quality and resources which are truly valued! Sincerely, Donnamarie Martinsen

Thanks so much for your response - it is a real joy to deal with you - your service, helpfulness and prices combine to make you the best.

I want to thank you all at New England Cheesemaking Supply for your fast and friendly service. Your cultures make the best cheese. Keep up the good work, you never let me down. Thanks, Jane Landen

Thank you. I have just received my last order and the items you sent for our auction. The things you sent are, as my 17 year old son out it, awesome. I will be ordering those things for him soon. You all have been great. Always curtious on the phone and timely with deliveries. Thanks and God Bless, Dora

Dear Ricki, I recently ordered your beginner cheese making kit for my daughter, for her birthday. I emailed to let you know the date and to see how long it would take to get there. You promptly replied and said hopefully it will be there by the 12th. I want to thank you, she received it today and was thrilled. You even wrapped it and that was so nice of you. I will certainly tell all my friends of your web site and how promptly and couteously you handled my order. It added a personal touch to your business and that is to be commended. I know I will be doing business with you again and thanks for the catalog too. Sharon Elmore, Alabama

Thank you for the fast service when I do order from you. Of all the places that I order on-line from, and believe me there are a lot, you are by far the fastest . Just wanted to compliment you. I have only made three 2lb. batches of cheese so far.....Thanks again Steve, VA

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I placed my internet order on -- oh, i don't remember, but it was very recently (seems like it was just yesterday). I am the person from Louisiana (but I am originally from New England -- you must have known that, eh?)anyway, your internet message told me that it would be forever before it would be sent (okay, I am exaggerating), anyway, I sent a quick note to you and begged and pleaded for mercy on my forgetful soul (I was purchasing a gift for a birthday coming up on thursday). The best news (besides Jesus died for me -- and you) is that it actually came in the mail TODAY!!! did you hand deliver it or something???!!! Thank you so very much for your prompt service. I hate dealing with computers, but I sure do not mind this time! you guys are wonderful and I truly appreciate the extra effort you made just for me. Okay, I have taken enough of your time. thanks ever so much. You saved me from embarrassment!
sincerely, Stephanie Dellafiora

Hi,You have the most FUN website I have used for shopping so far.......Congratulations! Katie

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