Talking Points for Milk

Helping us all live a healthier life

The next time you go shopping for milk,
talk with the manager and stress the following points.
(Print this page and take it with you!!)

If You Go Unheard:
Look elsewhere and let them know they just lost a good customer
(this means they will also loose the friends you choose to tell about your experience.)

It is a consumers right to be able to purchase milk that has a
reasonable likeness to the nutritious product produced on the farm

Ultra Pasteurization has no benefit to the consumer.
Ultra Pasteurization destroys most of the beneficial aspects of milk including cultures and enzymes that aid in digestion
Ultra Pasteurization upsets the calcium balance and changes its state to one of minimal use in our nutrition.
Ultra Pasteurization is purely for the convenience of the middleman, to extend the shelf life and increase their profits in a large corporate milk market. (This has been done at the expense of destroying what has been a traditional nutritious food product and at the same time in no way has raised the profit margin for the farmers who produce the milk.)
The removal of 'Ultra Pasteurization' labeling on containers has only further confused the consumer and leads to a public lacking confidence in their milk suppiers.

We are the consumers and where our dollars are spent
will be with those who give us what we want.

We need to speak up Loud and Often!

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