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Cheese news from Dons Cafe in Thailand, for our cheese products we have added cottage cheese and buttermilk, (buttermilk is in big demand here on the island "red neck population" goes good with hot buttered cornbread) to our line. Currently the soft cheese products include, cottage cheese, feta cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream and cream cheese. These products are all hand made and fresh daily. This now completes the cheese products that we intent to produce for the time being. Many thanks to New England Cheesemaking for all of your help. Best Regards, Don Battles, Dons Cafe, Phuket Island, Royal Kingdon of Thailand.

I am an American living in a village smallholding in Vojvodina, Northern Yugoslavia and we have just begun trying to make cheese for home consumtion. Currently sitting on the counter behind me is a gallon of local milk hopefully in the process of being turned into Farmhouse Gorgonzola. Eventually we hope to produce hard cheeses and blue-veined cheeses. Most of the cheese here is either fresh, bland, soft cheese and we want to add some variety. Thank you for your help. Charles and Zivana Alverson-Anicin, Yugoslavia

Living in China, cheese is nearly imposible to purchase, good cheese is impossible to purchase, so we have been playing around with making our own. Having very little knowledge of what it takes to make good cheese, your pages have been immensely helpful! Thank you, Jeff Hudson, China

Hello form Brazil! Our family read about your cheesemaking suply company in two articles from Country Woman magazine. We are homeschooling our 3 children and are coming up with some creative and fun ideas. I am planning a unit of calcium, milk and other dairy products. We thought it would be exciting to make cheese, especially since many types are not available here in Brazil. We really miss all types and are looking forward to our new adventure. Thank you for your catalog. Jim and Julie Leonard, Brazil

I just made the Ricotta cheese for the first time on Saturday and it was delicious! My mother in law said it tasted just like the cheese her mother used to make on thier cattle farm in Argentina when she was a little girl. Thank you so much. Kim Lazzara

It has been just a few short months since I first ordered supplies from your company. The two recieps I have tried thus far are the Queso Blanco and the Mozzarella from teh Mozzarella and Ricotta kit. My wife is originally from the central Andean plateau of Columbia, Pereira Columbia. in that coffee and agricultural region queso blanco (farm cheese) was what my mother in law served me daily for breakfast. Your recipe replicates the many delicious breakfasts I enjoyed. Needless to say, my cheese is a hit with my relatives now living in the U.S. Now to the Mozzarella, my wife and I are members of the local Italian-American club. Kens Mozzarella with fresh chives from my garden has been the rave of the club. The folks who praise it the longest and the loudest are the native born Italians. My cheese transports them back to their beloved roots! I love their responce when I serve it they reciprocate by keeping my wine glass filled to the brim. But the important aspect it the pleasure you have brought me, I can not only take pride in my accomplisments but I have the pleasure of eating and enjoying a real cheese and a damn good one at that. May your company prosper and you and your have a glorius New Year. Ken Echternacht, FL

Awesome and a terrific site, my husbands family being of Yogoslavian descent, has been doing this on their own home land, they have a small cottage, sheep and cows. They are a poor family but they have much knowledge when it comes to this. I am happy I wandered into this site, I will be copying the instructions so I can continue with cheese making here in my home in Chicago, how simple and delightful, again thanks, Flo Anne

Hello, I have just moved to New Zealand from London for a bit of a lifestyle change. The mountains, the cafes and the wimes have more than fulfilled my rather high expectations. I have been dismayed however, that the people who walk on those mountains, eat in thoses cafes and drink those delicious wines are fundamentally the same as the British. Thier bodies and minds fall apart in exactly the same way!
Consequently, I have spent many hours in the bath trying to think of something I could do that would feel more productive, more creative, thank working as a doctor. (not as a career mind you, as a hobby.) I have struck upon CHEESEMAKING.
I will explanin why, You see Nan lived near a farm near Bath where she made the butter and the cheese, Having refused three offers of marriage from local farming lads, she decided to mary Gramps the milk man. Her sister, Great Aunt Mildred, now 91 and living in Drayton, near Cheddar also trained as a cheesemaker in her youth. She drove taxis in the war. Than married a man who grew tomatoes for a living. So I will be rejuvenating a family tradition!
Why am I writing? Because I bought your book today. I had a choice. ECGs Made Easy, Which would come in extremely handy on the geriatric ward I am working on at the moment. Or Cheesemaking Made Easy. You won. Easily. And as you explained about bread making, it is far easier to learn it from your mother than from a book. My mother makes bread and wine, but never learned how to make cheese, I will ask why next time I phone. So do you know of any cheesemaking courses in New Zealand, preferably in the South Island? Rachael, New Zealand

Dear Ricki Thank you so much for the cultures. The other vounteers plus my villages have really enjoyed them! Lisa, from Losotho, Africa

Ricki, thank you for your Mozzarella kit, we tried using hot water for the stretching instead of a microwave, since that is all we have available. We ended up with a fairly good return for our milk and tonight some of us here are getting together for a pizza party. Thanks for your help. Frank, Romania

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