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First made in the vicinity of the Vosges Mountains of France
near the western border of Germany.
It is similar to Brick but has less surface smear and undergoes less surface ripening.

This is a typical washed rind cheese that uses a regular brine wash to control unwanted mold
and develop a characteristic rich flavor and ripening profile
The added moisture helps the development of bacteria that gives this cheese its particular taste and color

the milk is warmed to 86-90F and a mesophilic starter is added
rennet is added after a short ripening period and allowed to establish a firm set
the curd is then cut into 1/2-3/4" pieces and stirred slowly with little to no heating
the molds and cloths
are sanitized
when the curd is of proper firmness the
whey is removed down to the curd level
hot water is poured over
the molds and cloths
and after filling are stacked on one another for weight
the re stacking and flipping
continues and soon...
... as they are repeatedly turned, a smooth surface develops
they will remain in these forms overnight or longer
until a fine firm but soft cheese
is formed
the final cheese is now ready for dry salting
which may last several days
The young cheese is now moved to the cave where they are
washed with a light brine
every 2-3 days
until eventually after 3-5 weeks a yellow to orange surface develops
....this is the ripening culture which gives this cheese it's special aroma and flavor

How to make this cheese :

For 4 Gallons:
(photos above from a larger batch)
Heat the milk to 86F
Add 1 Pack of C101 or 1/8 tsp of MA 4001
plus 1/16 tsp B.linens and a pinch of Geotrichum
Ripen the milk @ 86 for 1 hour
increase to 95-97 before adding rennet
add 4 ml of rennet and wait 1 hour
cut to 5/8" over 10 min. then stir for 20-30 minutes, depending on dryness desired
have molds prepared with cloths
remove 20% whey
mold under whey
use 5 molds with initial weight of stacked molds flip @ .5 - 1.5 - 3 hrs

Hold room temp at 75-80F reduce to 65F in 3 hrs
hold for 18-24 hrs until pH reaches 5.2-5,3

dry salt (1.75% of cheese weight) over 1-3 days at 80% RH 65F
At Day 4 begin rubbing w/ light brine
and hold at 57F 95-98%RH
wash and turn 3x a week during the next 2 weeks

At 2 weeks dry, wrap, and store at 43-46F
until ripe ....
This will take 4-6 weeks for small ones or .. 2-3 months for larger ones

What you may need :

Mesophilic culture
Calcium Chloride (if you are using store bought milk)
(red mold for surface)

Plastic Mold and Follower

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