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Ricki has been teaching her beginner workshop for over 36 years.  She has met thousands of aspiring cheese makers, many of whom went on to become some of the best artisinal cheese makers in this country.  Perhaps one of the best known participants was Barbara Kingsolver who included an entire chapter in her book, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" about Ricki's workshop.

During the past few years, Jamie has been co-teaching the workshop with Ricki.  And Ricki's daughter, Jen, has been making the fabulous lunch they serve halfway through the day.  It's a popular event and it fills up way in advance, so if you're thinking about coming, be sure to register as soon as possible.

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A special Mozzarella workshop for a nearby preschool:

In January, 2011, Ricki and Jamie taught a special mozzarella workshop for a local preschool.  There is an article at our blog about the event with many more pictures - click here.  These are a few of our favorites:

The room is ready.

Jamie has kicked off his shoes and he's ready to start.

One of the teachers steps up to the front to check out the pots.
(Theoretically, everyone else is watching the overhead mirror, but 3 and 4 year olds don't seem to grasp that concept!)

There are a few volunteers to be helpers (and to wear the big hat).

Then, the class moves up closer.

Ricki brings the action to the floor, so the children can stir the curds.

Soon, there is the thrill of victory when the milk turns into cheese.

And, then, it's an eating frenzy (as any field trip should be)!

Usually, the workshop consists of adults, enjoying a field trip from the real world:

Again, there's always a volunteer to wear the big hat and to be a helper (names are withheld to protect their dignity).

And, always there's the thrill of victory.

Everyone has to show off their cheese.

Sometimes, Ricki and Jamie take their show on the road:

They have taught their workshop in many states and overseas, as well.  This was a class at the local community college:

There's that magic moment again!  (Are we detecting a pattern here?)

Of course, sampling the end product is always a crowd pleaser.

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