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Ricki and Jamie sing with the local chapter of Village Harmony and perform in concerts around Franklin County, MA.  Village Harmony, Inc. is a non-profit organization, founded in 1988.  It began in Vermont with a small group of high school singers from several schools.  The students practiced together and prepared a concert which they then performed on a 10 day tour.  A few years later, they held their first singing camp here in the US and in 1994, they held their first one overseas (in Russia).

Since then, Village Harmony has organized adult singing camps every summer and Ricki and Jamie have been to Corsica, South Africa, Ghana, France, Italy, Republic of Georgia, and Holland.  Typically, they rehearse in one location for a week, then travel around the country giving concerts and staying with local host families.  There are also camps at various locations in this country, including Ricki and Jamie's fabulous house in Ashfield. 

(Here's a fun video of Ricki and Jamie with the rest of the singers at a camp in South Africa. They are shown dancing at Prestige College in January, 2011):


The "Lady in Red" is Ricki emceeing at a camp in Colrain.

When Ricki and Jamie host their workshops and camps in Ashfield, they usually conduct their rehearsals and give their concerts at a church, within walking distance of their home.  Many of the following pictures were taken there.

One of Ricki's favorite leaders is Dr. Kathy Bullock, a professor of music at Berea College in Kentucky.  She has come to Ashfield several times to teach and to share her extensive knowledge of music.  She is wearing blue in the picture below:

Sometimes, they rehearse at the Ricki and Jamie's house, where many of the singers sleep and eat their meals.

They can't sing all the time!

Ricki and Jamie frequently host workshops and musical concerts in their large living room.  The Starry Mountain Singers (past performers on NPR's Prairie Home Companion) are shown below:

Shalva Chemo from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia conducted a workshop and performed their first US concert at the house:

If you're interested in finding out more about local singing events, contact Ricki and Jamie at info@cheesemaking.com

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