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Ultra Pasteurized (aka UHT)

and how it affects making Mozzarella cheese
what you can expect to see
For more details on heat treated milk click here

Unfortunately UP milk is here to stay. It is required by law to label the milks as such.
If you do by chance try to make cheese from this milk we have prepared a visual resource to compare the 2 results.

Ultra Pasteurized Milk (UHT) Properly Pasteurized Milk
The milk has been heated, acidified with citric acid and the curd has formed.
Note the curd from the UP milk on left does seem to form a curd but it is definitely not as well defined as the one on the right from milk that has not been heat damaged.
Some UP milk will not even form this solid a curd and will never resemble much more than ricotta or small curd cottage cheese
Upon attempting to ladle the curds from the pot, the UP curd simply falls apart into a ricotta looking mass while the good milk forms a nice definite curd
In these photos you again see how well defined the Normal milk holds together and the UP milk has little to no structure.

The only way to separate the curds from the UP milk is to drain in a cloth bag (this would be a good place to stop if your results look like this). The normal milk will release it's whey and form a beautiful curd mass.

On the left the UP milk forms a dry granular mass which will only crumble (no structure) ... most of it's moisture will be released with very little manipulation ... hardly mozzerella as we know it

Whereas the normal milk will form a wonderful cohesive curd which will stretch beautifully, retain much of it's moisture .. and form this beautiful mozzarella

After the curd has been heated in either hot water or a microwave the real difference in milk become very apparent.
Jim Wallace 9/06

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