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We have found a wonderful range of supplies and ingredients to make delicious yogurt right at home. Home made yogurt is quick and easy, rich in probiotics and more economical than comparable store bought yogurt.

Automatic Yogurt Maker - with FREE Y3 Yogurt Culture automatic yogurt maker, yogort maker, yoghurt maker, electric yogurt maker, electric yoghurt maker, makeing yogurt at home, make your own yogurt at home, home made yogurt, make your own yogurt, make your own yogurt

    Make your own thick and creamy yogurt right in your own kitchen. This convenient electric yogurt maker comes with seven reusable 6-oz. glass jars, giving you the ability to make up to seven individualized flavors at once. Each jar has a dating...

    Price: $49.95
    Extra Glass Jars For Automatic Yogurt Maker - Set of 8 Euro Cuisine Glass Jars, Euro Cuisine Glass Jar, Extra Glass Jars for Yogurt Maker, Glass Jars for yogurt maker

      A yogurt lover's essential, set of eight 6-oz. glass jars allows for making up to eight different types of yogurt at one time. No need to finish the first batch before starting another! Lids for glass jars provide airtight storage in the...

      Price: $19.95
      Top Tier For Automatic Yogurt Maker automatic yogurt maker, yogort maker, yoghurt maker, electric yogurt maker, electric yoghurt maker, makeing yogurt at home, make your own yogurt at home, home made yogurt, make your own yogurt, make your own yogurt

        This Top Tier fits our automatic yogurt maker (E79) to make room for an additional 7 glass jars for a total of 14 jars in one batch. With this top tier the possibilities become endless. You can make a batch of your...

        Price: $9.95
        2 Quart Glass Yogurt Jar

          A yogurt lover's essential, the extra 2Qts glass jar allows for making multiple batches and different types of yogurt. No need to finish the first batch before starting another! For use with E89- Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker or by itself. (THIS...

          Price: $15.99
          Automatic Yogurt Maker Combo Set (E79, E79J, E79T,Y3)

            This combo set contains one each of the following:E79-Automatic Yogurt Maker (w/Free Y3-Creamy yogurt culture 5pk)E79J- Extra Jars- 8ctE79T- Extra Top Tier

            Retail: $95.85
            Price: $74.85
            Greek Yogurt Maker greek yogurt maker, greek yogurt, greek yoghurt maker, makeing greek yogurt at home, make your own greek yogurt at home, home made greek yogurt, make your own greek yogurt, make your own greek yogurt, greek yogurt strainer

              Now you can prepare Greek yogurt quickly and easily! This unique strainer transforms up to 2 quarts of homemade yogurt or store bought yogurt into thick, creamy Greek yogurt in a matter of hours – all inside your refrigerator. Enjoy healthy dips...

              Retail: $39.99
              Price: $29.95
              Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Maker w/ Free Y3 culture

                Rich, creamy and thick- this beautiful yogurt maker with 2 qt glass jar will provide delicious results every time! Use the unit to make your favorite kind of yogurt and then, if desired, use the draining bag to produce a thick, protein-rich Greek...

                Retail: $69.99
                Price: $65.95
                Yogurt Cheese Maker yogurt cheese maker, yogort chese, yoghurt cheese maker, yoghurt cheese, makeing yogurt cheese at home, make your own yogurt cheese at home, home made yogurt cheese, make your own yogurt cheese, make your own yogurt cheese, yogurt cheese strainer

                  This strainer is the answer to many a cheese makers question about how to make yogurt cheese. Now you can create thick, creamy yogurt cheese. Just add your own yogurt and you will have delicious yogurt cheese in 2 to 24 hours. You can also make a...

                  Price: $17.95
                  Yogotherm Yogurt Maker 2 Quarts

                    2-QT CAPACITY. (BPA FREE) At last, a yogurt maker that uses no energy to incubate your yogurt. This styrofoam-insulated container maintains uniform temperature, thus avoiding hot or cool spots. It is light, convenient and easy to clean (only...

                    Price: $39.95
                    Yogurt Sample Pack

                      This is a sample pack of our Yogurt Cultures. With this item you will receive one each of the following Y1-Yogurt Bulgarian - 1 packet, Y3 Yogurt (DS) Creamy - 5 packets, and Y5-Yogurt (DS) sweet - 5 packets.When you buy this sample pack you are...

                      Retail: $20.85
                      Price: $17.95
                      Replacement Inner Pail w/ Lid for Yogotherm

                        RETURN INFORMATION: We are sorry but we cannot accept returns of used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here. ...

                        Price: $12.00
                        Butter Muslin-for Draining Soft Cheese

                          Butter Muslin for use with soft cheese.CONTAINS:100% cotton, 90 thread per inch, reusable Butter MuslinSIZES: 2yd package or 60yd boltUSAGE: Is used for the draining of soft cheeses. Before first use machine wash with an unscented detergent....

                          Price: $6.95
                          Yogurt (DS) Creamy 5 packets

                            A delicious, creamy yogurt that is simple to make and wonderful to eat. Works very well with store-bought or goats milk. CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactose, milk, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, autolyzed...

                            Price: $6.95
                            Yogurt (DS) Sweet 5 packets

                              A creamier, richer and sweeter yogurt. CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactose, Dry milk powder, (ST) Streptococcus thermophilus, (LB) Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, (LA) Lactobacillus acidophilus, (LBL) Lactobacillus lactis, Bifidobacterium...

                              Price: $6.95
                              Yogurt Bulgarian 1 packet

                                A delicious, rich, creamy and tangy yogurt which may be recultured. CULTURE INCLUDES: Contains live cultures s.thermophilus, l.bulgaricus, skim milk and/or lactose, lactic cultures, ascorbic acid.YIELD: Each packet will set as little as 1...

                                Price: $6.95
                                Yogurt Type I

                                  For the production of classic yogurt, Greek yogurt, fermented milks and frozen yogurt. CULTURE CONTAINS: Streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. BulgaricusYIELD: 1 Dose- will innoculate approx 100 litres of milk. DIRECTIONS:...

                                  Price: $13.95