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Just ordered your beginners cheese kit, I looked at a number of other sites and sources, but the reason I ordered from you is that your website is a fun and friendly site - very much so. Love your little cows and graphics. I am a transplanted New Englander (RI) down here to Texas, and since it was a nice, less than 90 day today - Yay - Fall in Texas - I decided to bring a bit more of New England down here. What better way than New England Cheeses??? J I want to learn the basics with your soft cheeses but my true love is the sharpest, most intense cheddars and other pungent cheeses. Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks and look forward to joining your family and hope to be ordering a lot more from you in the future. Warm regards, Gary Johnson Austin, Texas
Not a question, a yippee!! Although when my grandson (age 5) and I made your mozzarella, we were very pleased with ourselves, I was very nervous about my farmstead cheddar. I took it (aged for 2 1/2 months) with me to my sisters house last weekend thinking if it was a flop we could just bury it in the woods and nobody would ever know. Well, my (your) cheese got raves. I was only allowed to bring home half the left-overs. Folks here will have to wait for the next batch. Thanks so much for making this so easy, so much fun, and so good. I now can not wait for this weekend so I can get busy making some more. Janet B. 
I am making alot of cheddar and feta using your recipes and they are turning out great! I am using sheep milk from my own flock, so have had to learn to adjust the recipes, but it is working out fine. I get about 20% more curd than with cows milk. Thanks, Donna  
Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I purchased the hard and soft cheesemaking kits and they are great. When I told my friends and family that I was going to try making my own cheese, they all thought I was crazy. Why go through all that trouble for something that you can get at the grocery store? Well, let me tell you my critics have become my biggest fans. Anytime I have people over for dinner, they ALWAYS ask me if I am going to have some of my homemade cheeses. Many people today have never had a truly good cheese... one that did not come as individually wrapped slices or in a green can. But once they try a homemade cheese, they realize that this is something that you can not get at the grocery store. Thanks, Mark Yozie 
I have purchased two kits, the Hard Cheese and Mozzarella kit and found them very easy to follow. I have never made cheese before and your directions where easy to follow. Everyone has loved the cheeses and several want to buy your kits. Austin Home Brew is where we get them and they are doing a great job on getting people to try them out. Cheers for a job well done on the kit and finding the right people to sell your items.
7 month old parmesan...I cut the parm. cheese that I made last July. The smell, taste and texture is outstanding. I am so happy and pleased that I wanted to share this moment with my cheese friends. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am so hooked on cheesemaking. I am making a batch every two weeks. My camembert is doing very well, I could not wait so I cut one piece off and ate it and it is almost ready. I cant wait for it to ripen. Thank you all so much, a very happy cheese friend, Lloyd  
Thank you for my order which arrived today. I am so excited...there are no mail casualties, everything survived the mail handlers. Tonight my kitchen is going to be Cheeseville City, Yokosuka, Japan. My beer brewing friends will not have anything on me...I always try to stay one step ahead of them! The next time they breakout the home made beer, I will breakout some home made cheese! Terry Shampo, Japan 
Hi, We have really enjoyed making cheese with our Basic Cheese Kit. My daughter used it for her science project this year, got first place, and is going to the District Science Fair in 2 days. She added garlic and herbs to the cheese and that won the prize! Thanks so much, Melanie Wells 
Hi, I was astonished to get the hard cheese kit that I had ordered so quickly. It was perfect timing, too. A mid-morning mail delivery, had the house to myself, and before I knew it a batch of Monterey Jack was underway, and is currently drying on my kitchen counter. I can tell this hobby is going to nicely complement my beer brewing hobby, and I think my next batch will be the Farmhouse Cheddar, as that should be nice and sharp at cider pressing time. Scott

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