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    In many applications, electrodes become dirty while being used, with negative results on their efficiency. Since this dirt is not removed during normal use, special cleaning solutions are needed.

    HANNA® has introduced a new line of specific cleaning solutions for eliminating all impurities and residues left on the surface of the electrode when immersed in special samples, such as wines, must, oils, soil, industrial solutions, grease and dairy products.

    The new "Cleaning" series ensures the maximum efficiency and accuracy of your sensors when used for specific applications.

    ***See Additional information for usage info.

    This is a special cleaning solution designed to remove protein and fat residues from the pH-probe.
    Soak the probe for 15-30 min in solution. You may use a soft bristle toothbrush for stubborn residues but be very careful. The glass is very then and can not get scratched.
    The probe should then be rinsed well with distilled water and re-calibrated. Store with a drop or two of the storage solution or if you have none use the pH7 buffer. Rinse in distilled water before each use.