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    This hygrometer by ThermoWorks is perfect for testing the humidity in a cheese cave. It can also display two separate temperature readings using a sensor on a 10 foot cable (included) to also measure temperature in a remote location. The humidity sensor is housed in the hygrometer body so it can only monitor moisture at the base location. It will not read humidity in the remote location.

    Mount your new hygrometer right to a wall with its convenient wall mount or set it onto a solid surface with the fold-out stand. With large 1 inch digits you’ll have no trouble reading the current display.

    This hygrometer records Min and Max temperatures and can be programmed to display either Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

    Each unit includes a wall bracket, remote sensor, and operating instructions. This hygrometer is a professional tool at an affordable price.

    • Large digit display for humidity and temperature
    • Max/Min memory
    • °F/°C switchable
    • Foldaway stand
    • Mounting keyhole

    NOTE: For cheese making it is important to make sure that you are using a hygrometer that is giving you an accurate reading.
    So many of the digital hygrometers are not intended for high moisture measurement. Ricki brought in a lot of these that we had to reject before we found this one we offer now.
    We have tested this with both a hair hygrometer and a sling psychrometer for accuracy and stability.
    Bad info is WORSE than no info at all

    Click here for more information on hygrometers.


    Range 20 to 99% RH
    Indoor 32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C
    Outdoor -58 to 158°F / -50 to 70°C
    Accuracy ±3% RH at 77°F / 25°C
    ±2°F / 1°C
    Resolution 1%; 0.1°
    Reading Update 10 seconds
    Battery Type AAA 1.5 volts x 1 piece
    Display 1" digits
    3.1 (W) x 2.6 (H) inches
    79 (W) x 66 (H) mm
    Dimensions 3.9 (W) x 4.3 (H) x 0.8 (D) inches
    98 (W) x 110 (H) x 21 (D) mm
    Sensor Wire Length 9.8 feet (3 meters)
    Based on 8 Reviews

    • Easy to read
    • Has to be inside frig to read humidity
    From: Kitty Hawk, NC

    Great product, just wish I could place it outside the frig, but the base has to be inside to read the humidity.


    • it%20works
    • instructions%20on%20package%20were%20an%20eye%20test
    From: Forks Washington

    a wonderful addition to my cheese making test equipment

    Could not be happier with this purchase. Nice looking, and I trust the results. Used other equipment to check the accuracy. Right on! A nice addition to my cheese cave in a dorm refrigerator.


    From: Walnut Creek, CA

    Hygrometer Thermometer

    easy to read, pop out stand makes it handy. eliminates that gnawing doubt if the humidity is just right for you ripening schedule.


    • long%20remote%20temperature%20cord
    • reliable
    • long%20battery%20life
    • large%20display
    • hygrometer%20cannot%20be%20read%20remotely
    From: Fayetteville, AR

    Best Hygrometer

    Thermoworks makes reliable equipment and this is an excellent thermometer/hygrometer. Be aware that: 1) humidity cannot be read remotely as noted in the description, so the device has to be placed inside the location you want to be reading and 2) the humidity accuracy is ±3% RH and temperature accuracy is ±2°F


    • Easy%20to%20read
    • %20simple%20to%20use
    • None%20

    Easy to use

    Bought this as I turned a mini fridge into a 'cheese cave'. Display takes a few seconds to adjust after opening so easy to see what's going on inside, min max button shows high and lows and after resetting takes a few seconds to read again so I have time to close the door. Would highly recommend



    Hygrometer thermometer

    Totally worth the price!



    Re: the hygrometer comments in the previous review

    the previous reviewer may have been unfamiliar with the hygrometer.

    The moisture/temp will change as the cool air mixes with the room air but it takes a little time to register on the hygrometer. Make sure you note this as soon as you open the small fridge (they are referring to the small dorm fridge I believe).

    Also the hygrometer has a min/max setting to give you the range of temp/moisture in the aging space over time. I always make a habit of resetting this each time I close the fridge.

    I find this to be very accurate and have a couple in different aging spaces here. I have tested all against more high end moisture measuring devices and they read within about 1-3% of those for both moisture and temperature.



    maybe better for larger cheese caves

    Just know that the lead to measure in a remote location is only for temperature. To get a humidity reading you have to have the control in the actual area being measured. For smaller areas, it makes it very hard to know what the humidity actually is, since as soon as you open the door the humidity is lost, and the control takes a few seconds to turn on.

    It says this in the info, just not very clearly.