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Jim Wallace, our technical expert, has spent many years developing and honing his knowledge and skills of the traditional craft of cheesemaking by collecting old books, visiting traditional cheese makers both here and in Europe, along with lots of hands on trials here in his cheese lab and cave where the classes are held. All of his classes focus on a specific range of cheese styles selected to best show the variations for the workshops topic. Classes run from 9am-4pm, both Saturday and Sunday.

Click here for a glimpse of one of Jim's workshops on our blog.

When choosing accommodations, Jim's 201 Workshops are not held in Ashfield but at his cheese Lab in nearby Shelburne Falls MA (01370)

Your Next Big Step in Cheese Making April 21-22, 2018 Cheddar, Camembert, Brie,Tomme, Savoie, Cheesemaking, Cheese Making, Rennet, Cheese Bacteria,soft ripened,fleur,white mold,p.candidum, penicillium,geotrichum, Making Cheese,French Cheese,Cheese,France,Italy,Tuscany,cheese molds

Your Next Big Step in Cheese Making! If you have taken Ricki's basic class or have made a cheese or 2 at home and would really like to improve your craft, Jim will lead you there during this class..This workshop is for those who really want to get...


Jim's classes are kept small to allow time for everyone's questions. Also students travel long distances to attend these classes. Therefore any cancellations must be made at least 4 weeks before the class date to allow replacement attendees the time to make arrangements.

More about Jim:
Jim Wallace has been our technical resource for a number of years now, teaching and answering our technical questions. He is also the person who researches, develops, and writes our recipe pages every month. He is an expert photographer, a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge. You will be delighted with his classes, they are more technical in scope than Ricki's introductory class but are fine for the cheese maker who is starting out to learn more details of the process.
His search for the traditional cheese making process has taken him to visit master cheese makers both here and abroad to seek out the pre-industrial process that made such wonderful cheese. He has also spent many years at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese programs (VIAC) with the University of Vermont.
This is the knowledge he brings to these classes.

Happy Cheese Makers

If you haven't been to one of Jim's workshops you are really missing out. Jim helped me solve a lot of the problems I was having in my cheesemaking and because of attending his workshop I am turning out some beautiful professional cheeses.