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    A Trappist Style Cheese
    Port du Salut or Saint Paulin

    This months cheese is a great choice as we enter the summer season because it really goes well with beer and BBQ!

    It is a semi-soft cheese that expresses the richness of summers bounty with a rich creamy flavor and smooth texture. This cheese was developed long ago by the Trappist Monks and goes by the name of 'Port du Salut' (the Gates of Salvation), but is also known as 'Saint Paulin' in another derivation. Essentially they are both the same cheese.

    We have put together a small starter set of essential ingredients to get you going!!

    Contents: C21-Butter Milk DS, M222- Basic Mold, 1/2oz animal rennet, 1/2oz calcium chloride, 1yd butter muslin