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    This mold can be used with or without the follower, making it a versatile piece of cheese making equipment. It's a great option for making either Brie or Saint Paulin. It is also a great mold to have because it can be used for many other cheeses, including pressed cheeses like Cheddar, Colby, and others/

    Saint Paulin, a creamy, mild, semi-soft French cheese was traditionally made by Trappist monks. With a short aging time of about four weeks this buttery cheese is a great choice for home cheese makers who would rather not wait through many months of aging.

    Brie is a well known cheese that can be found on may tables, especially around the holidays. With a mild and creamy interior and an elegant rind that's covered in white mold brie is a delightful cheese to make at home.

    DIMENSIONS: 7-1/8" Diameter x 4-3/8" High (180mm x 110mm)

    DETAILS: Open bottom, FDA approved food grade polypropylene cheese mold and follower.


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    • For our Brie cheese making recipe click here.
    • For more information on molding and pressing cheese click here.
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    • Sturdy
    • follower size
    From: Ohio


    The follower is way to small. Almost 3/8" smaller than the mold.