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    This is an adjunct culture (Helveticus) that needs to be used in tandem with another acid producing culture. Recommended for cheddar and other semi-hard cheeses to enhance flavor and aroma. Helps accelerate cheese flavor development. The character of this particular Helveticus strain tends to offer more sweetness to the final cheese than our LH100 Helveticus.

    This can be used with a thermophlic culture for a different Alpine flavor, or added with a mesophilic cutlure for a twist on Cheddar.

    CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactobacillus helveticus (FLAV54)

    SIZE: 5D

    BRAND: Danisco Choozit

    USAGE: 1/16th to 1/8th teaspoon added directly to 2 gallons of milk at the same time as your acidifying culture.

    STORAGE: Store in freezer.