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Our Best Cheese Wrapping Paper

We have a great supply of quality mold ripened cheese wrapping papers, including both white rind 'croûte fleurie' and washed rind 'croûte lavée'

Our simple breathable wrap is a one layer sheet of clear cellophane. The principle for these wraps is that The wraps have been selected to allow the proper amount of moisture and gas to escape and fresh air to enter the ripening cheese surface.

  • CW1 is for the mold ripened cheese (white surface). It has a less porous surface to minimize evaporation but allow any gas buildup from ripening to escape
  • CW2 is the wrap to choose for washed rind cheese with a more humid surface. This wrap has a more porous surface to allow the excess moisture to escape and not build up near the surface of the cheese.

These papers will provide you with a controlled environment for your cheese at a reasonable cost. The clear wrap also allow you to see what is happening on the surface as it ages as well.

We also have a more technical paper for those who would like more protection for their ripening cheese when it is to be given away to friends for a professional presentation or to better withstand the rigors of the retail loop.

(MRP) White penicillin ripened rinds such as Camembert and soft ripened goat cheeses (WRP) Washed rinds (red)
developed with a light brine wash
such as Munster
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this paper is comprised of 2 layers:
1.. The inner layer is a parafin coated (cheese side) thin white parchment paper bonded to...
2.. A 20 micron opaque White micro-perferated Polypropylene layer

The inner paper is designed to pull moisture away from the surface of the cheese and it's parafin coating will keep the candidum mold from growing into the paper (which would result in tearing the surface upon opening)

The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss .... Essentially allowing the white mold to remain active while not becoming excessive

also made up of 2 layers:
1.. An inner layer of thin sulphurized grease proof paper bonded to...
2.. A 20 micron Transparent micro-perferated Polypropylene layer

the sulphurized inner paper will pull moisture away from the surface of the cheese (trapping it between the 2 layers) and restrains the surface mold growth ... in addition it will prevent the very common problem of crystal formation which results in grainy or sandy rinds

The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss
the transparent top coat allows the cheese to be seen through the thin inner paper which becomes somewhat translucent after wrapping

In both of these papers:

The objective is to absorb the moisture from the cheese surface during early ripening by soaking into the inner layer while the outer layer prevents excessive moisture loss

Towards the later stages of ripening, as the cheese prepares for market this moisture reserve is available to the cheese again

These papers are very specialized and will deteriorate if excessive moisture remains in the young cheese
If the inner layer becomes saturated with moisture the paper will begin to stick to the cheese and deteriorate ... This will become worse with overripe cheese ..i.e. high ammonia

...If the cheese is too moist plain waxed paper would be best until the moisture is reduced

We are currently supplying these papers in many sizes

For the white mold ripened cheeses


400 mm 15 3/4"

Tomme & Brie


250 mm 9 7/8"



200 mm 7 7/8"

Crottin Style

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For the washed rinds (Red)

large 430 mm 16 7/8" Munster, Trappist, Blue, Tallegio

300 mm 11 7/8"


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