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“Whey” back in 1978 we began our cheesemaking adventure and have been spreading the love of home cheesemaking far and wide ever since. Over the years we have brought together a wonderful community of home cheesemakers from across the world to join in our delicious adventure.

Since we opened our doors at the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, well over 100,000 people have learned to make delicious, fresh cheese at home through our fun hands-on workshops. Our classes have attracted cooking teachers, home cooks, authors, artists, restaurateurs, and chefs. From beginners through advanced, students delight in making a variety of cheeses and learning about this wonderful artisanal craft.

Over the years our desire to teach home cheesemaking has spread even further than our workshops, filling our website, cheesemaking.com. Along with educational resources our site also features the best selection of equipment and the finest ingredients for making cheese and other dairy products. Customers supply the milk, and we take care of the rest.

People looking for individual items can purchase essentials like cultures, rennet, cheesecloth, wax, molds, thermometers, and presses. We also carry a range of kits which include supplies and recipes needed to make delectable cheese right at home.

At the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, we are committed to sustainability and the support of local business, our local community, and the cheese-making community worldwide. We also believe in the importance of loving what we do. In sharing stories and recipes, teaching classes, and providing buyers with the finest cheese making products, our enthusiasm and love for our work and our customers shines through.

Ricki Carroll

"Cheese Queen"

Sarah Carroll

Head of Operations
"Heir to The Throne"

Mark Chrabascz

Technical Director
"Engineer of Everything Cheesy"

Angie Clark

Office Manager
"Super Cheesy UPS Shipper"

April O’Malley

Office Administrator
"Customer Service Extraordinaire"

Kathy Conley

Head of USPS Shipping
"Office Cheermeister"

Jeri Case

Head of Social Media
"Social Media Maven"

Jim Wallace

Cheese Making Guru
"Tech Guy"

Mary Bancroft

Office Assistant
"Dazzling Bookkeeper"

Jeff Farrell

USPS Shipping
"Fastest Shipper in the East"

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