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    Made for scooping curds, this handy stainless steel ladle is a great addition to your cheese making supplies.

    DESCRIPTION: Stainless Steel with 9" handle and 4-1/4" diameter ladle.

    USAGE: Use to ladle curds from pot into cheese cloth lined mold for pressing or into butter muslin for draining.

    TO CLEAN: Wash in hot soapy water after use and allow to dry.

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    Based on 4 Reviews

    From: United States

    Great Ladel

    I got one of these of stirring and removing curds and it works great. It's a very well-made utensil with a long handle that gets it way down into a large pot. A lot of cooking utensils are cheaply made these days, but this one is a quality item. Definitely a must-have.


    From: Upstate New York

    Not Just For Ladling Curds!

    This tool is not just for ladling curds, although it does a dandy job as a cheese ladle.

    I use this for stirring the milk when I add lemon juice, citric acid or cultures. By gently pumping it up and down through the liquid, so that the liquid is seen rushing through the holes (gently, gently!) you can get the liquid moving and stirring from top to bottom, and then very gently pour your culture or coagulant (citric acid, rennet, etc.) over this utensil, a little at a time, while continuing to use this in a "vertical motion." I find that it spreads the additions more evenly through the entire pot of liquid.

    I first saw one of these flat ladles used by people from the Far East who used it for all sorts of kitchen tasks, but especially for making small batches of stove-top cheese (mostly panir, for making Indian Dairy Sweets or vegetarian dishes).

    I find that once I have this in my hand, I don't feel like using any other utensil. It will do a good job of stirring, lifting, ladling, scraping. Can be used for cutting (not as clean as a knife, though). Handy tool for cheese-making (also for frying and other kitchen duties). I am ordering a third one, so I never run out of clean flat ladles. :)


    From: Central Arizona

    very worthwhile

    I am new to cheesemaking - 2 batches of chevre so far. This ladle makes it very easy to spoon the curds into the butter muslin. I like the shape, and that it is all stainless steel.




    I bought this ladle during the September 2010 promo. I just finished using it for the first time and it is WAY better then the ladle I was using before. This ladle has a bit of an angle to it when compared to the ladle I was using before. Other than that, that is the only significant difference that I can see. The slight angling of this ladle renders it easier to use and is a definite worth while investment!!