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    One of our customers raved about a new scoop which helped her to easily ladle her curds into our small cheese molds. After trying one out, we agree! This scoop is quite the little helper when it comes to transferring curds. In no time at all you will have your molds filled, leaving you plenty of time to make a delicious loaf of bread using your left over whey.

    We especially love this scoops multi-tasking ability in the kitchen. Its unique shape allows it to scoop, scrape, pour and stir more efficiently than any other ladle we have in our utensil drawer.

    DESCRIPTION: Food Grade Polypropylene, Handle Length - 6 1/2", Scooper - 3 1/2" x 1 3/4".

    TO CLEAN: Wash in hot, soapy water after use and sanitize well before use.

    RETURN INFORMATION: We are sorry but we cannot accept returns of used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here.

    Based on 2 Reviews

    From: Atlanta, GA

    Love this ladle!

    This ladle pours curds with ease. The corners direct the curds much better than a classic rounded one does. No more mess to wipe up on the sides of the forms or table. I haven't used my classic round ladle since I've purchased this. Not only do I use it for cheesemaking, but for soups, stews, etc.


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    My go-to scoop!

    This scoop is the only scoop I use for cheesemaking now, whether chevre or cheddar. I purchased a few more for family and friends and an extra one for the non-cheese kitchen.