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    This is a two handled, heavy duty knife, with a very rugged blade for cutting and sectioning larger wheels of cheese. Use this knife when two hands and a bit of body weight behind it are needed for the job. This is an excellent knife for harder cheeses, such as those aged long enough to be considered grating cheeses. Imported from Italy.

    DIMENSIONS: Total Length: 25.75", Blade Length: 15.75", Blade Height: 2.5"

    Wash in hot, soapy water after use and sanitize well before use.

    RETURN INFORMATION: We are sorry but we cannot accept returns of used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here.

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    Beautiful knife!

    This a a beautiful knife! I don't know how I got along without it. I make a 3-5 gallon wheel of cheese weekly. This doesn't have to be used just for huge wheels of cheese. The first time I cut my wheel in half, I was amazed at how easily it cut. It's truly like cutting butter! It's honestly that easy. This knife is worth every penny!!