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    These cheese mats have many uses for the drying and aging of cheese:

    • Under molds with no bottom, for draining, in cheese like a blue, where the curds are large and firmer.
    • Under molds when pressing for better whey runoff, especially when the mold has no feet or space under it.
    • Under cheese in the aging room to allow more air circulation under the cheese.
    • The longer pieces are good for consolidating curds into a compact mass under the whey, like in gouda, before transferring to molds.

    DESCRIPTION: Square Mesh Polypropylene Cheese Ripening Mat (4x4mm)

    TO CLEAN: Rinse well with cold water after use, then wash with hot water and a neutral alkaline cleanser or dairy wash. We do not recommend using commercial detergents for this product. If mat is really hard to clean you can soak in the dairy wash before giving it a good scrub. If mat still retains an odor after a good cleaning, try hanging outdoors in the sun for a while, this is the traditional method used in Europe!





    Small (8"x8")





    Large (8"x39.75")





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    • non stick
    • keeps curd aerated
    • melts in hot water
    From: Florida

    the right item for the job

    Just like anything else, substitutions are futile. Use the right tool for the job. Yes we often use sushi mats in cheese making. Made of bamboo, they do great in moist/wet environment. However, it is my experience that the long exposure to the acidity doesn't do the sushi mat any good. So spend a few bucks, get the mat. Sushi mats aren't free either. And my little secret: I successfully made a reverse sushi roll with my new cheese mat. Keep smiling!


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    From: Virginia

    superb improvement for hard cheese drying

    I use these little mats under my hard cheeses for the early bit of ripening and rind formation. They really do the job and keep the cheese off the board so that the air can circulate a little bit.