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    This Cheese Foil is an excellent material that works well storing all types of cheese.

    CONTAINS: 15  13"x13"sheets of silver foil laminated to a wax coated paper: The inner layer (cheese side) is wax coated, bonded to a foil (outer layer).

    USAGE:  This is a STORAGE wrap and best used for a well aged cheese that does not have a high residual moisture or an active mold surface developing.
    The wrap is Ideal for many aged cheeses such as Alpine Styles, Cheddar, Gouda, Tommes, etc.
    The foil surface will slow moisture loss and the waxed surface exposed to the cheese provides a good neutral surface between the cheese and the foil surface.

    Due to the foil layer, there is little air exchange, so cheese like Fresh Cheese, Camembert, and Washed Rind cheeses should not be wrapped until ready to eat. They may need to be opened more frequently and consumed more quickly.

    The wrap should be opened and re-wrapped to freshen the cheese and inspect the surface every few days even if not consuming. You can expect the storage life to be much shorter for high moisture and surface ripened cheese than for the drier aged cheese. Your storage time will be dependent on the specific cheese and temperature at which it is stored.

    This wrap is ideal for wrapping butter or a well drained cream cheese.

    DIRECTIONS: Wrap cheese with dull side towards cheese and foil side facing out. Store as directed in recipe.