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    A great wrap for washed rind cheeses, such as Munster, Trappist Blue and Reblochon.

    CONTAINS: This wrap is comprised of two layers. The inner layer (cheese side) is a sulphurized, grease-proof paper bonded to a 20 micron, transparent, micro-perforated Polypropylene layer (outer layer).

    Quantities are in sheets of 25, example:
    Qty entered 1 will be an order of 25 sheets
    Qty entered 4 will be an order of 100 sheets

    USAGE: The inner layer pulls moisture away from the surface of the cheese and restrains the surface mold growth. The outer layer will allow gases to be exchanged while controlling the moisture loss. It will also prevent the very common problem of crystal formation that results in grainy or sandy rinds.
    The transparent outer layer allows the cheese to be seen through the thin inner paper, which becomes somewhat translucent after wrapping.

    DIRECTIONS: Wrap cheese with dull, parchment side towards the cheese. Age and store as directed in recipe.




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    From: Taiwan


    This is a perfect size for me wrapping cheeses up to 11cm in diameter ~