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    This set contains enough ingredients to make Mozzarella 30 times. The entire process takes only 30 minutes!!! Lipase adds a more distinctive flavor profile to your Mozzarella and our Stainless Steel Ladle is the perfect tool for scooping your curds. Our Recipe booklet includes a scrumptious creamy Ricotta, and a variety of recipes for using these two cheeses. (The Mozzarella recipe may be made with powdered milk and cream, cow's milk or goat's milk. (Milk must be pasteurized under 171ºF for Mozzarella)

    CONTENTS: Dairy Thermometer (E3), Butter Muslin (U2), Citric Acid (C13), Vegetable Rennet Tablets (R4), Cheese Salt (S1), Recipe Booklet, Mild Lipase Powder (L3), and Stainless Steel Ladle (E15)

    STORAGE: This kit will store at room temperature up to 1 year. It will keep even longer if rennet tablets are stored in the freezer. Once opened, store citric acid and salt in well sealed containers in a cool, dry place, they will last indefinitely.

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    Based on 2 Reviews

    • Complete. Easy to follow recipes.
    • Ladle not sturdy.
    From: Florida

    Easy to Use

    Accomplished beautiful mozzarella cheese that was nearly eaten in one sitting by the family. The only ding was the large curd ladle which bent stirring the curds. Otherwise a well thought out set and ingredients.


    From: Seattle

    A Little Disappointed By Ladle, Flat Handle Not Rounded

    I just ordered this and am very excited by the prospect of making my own cheese (Newbie). However, I was a little disappointed by the flat-handled ladle included with this kit. My preference would have been a rounded handle. I just wanted to make sure that if the ladle is one of the reasons you are purchasing this kit you might want to know that detail. Otherwise, I'm excited to start this new adventure once I am able to make a little time to dig into the process!