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    Organic, non-GMO powdered calf rennet for cheese making.

    SIZE: 100 gram and 500 grams

    USAGE: 1/16 tsp (1/3gram) per 2 gallons of milk. It is recommended that the measured amount of rennet powder be dissolved in 15-30 times its own volume of cool, chlorine free, potable water, allowing 30 minutes with occasional agitation for complete dissolution. Thereafter, follow regular cheese making procedure. This is a guideline and may need adjusting based on your milk type/quality.

    NOTE: Due to customs restrictions, we cannot ship this product to AUSTRALIA or SWEDEN.

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    • Strong and fast
    From: Sierra Foothills

    Calf rennet

    Wow, what a difference! I've been using vegetable rennet for decades on all my cheeses. Then I read "The Art of Natural Cheesemaking" by David Asher. He uses kefir and calf rennet for all his cheeses. I bought the calf rennet because of his recommendation. It is a much stronger rennet. I probably used too much the first time...a smidge (a measuring amount on the little spoon set) and the milk curdled in a few hours. I actually started draining after 6 hrs, and only drained for 1.5 hours before salting and putting it in the molds. Because the curds were tougher, the whey drained out much quicker. I took it out of the molds after 10 hrs and into the cooler. Will see how it aged in a week. Calf rennet is nothing like vegetable rennet! I am looking forward to tasting the cheese next week.