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    DESCRIPTION: These molds will impart the traditional and unique, woven basket design commonly associated with Manchego.

    Each mold includes a base, patterned liner that imprints the classic Manchego design, and a follower that completes the classic design on top of the cheese. The final cheese will be imprinted with a classic Manchego design.

    The pattern within these molds is based off of the original woven grass forms that were traditionally used in Spain. Patterned liner is approximately 1/4" thick.

    SIZE OPTIONS: 2lb, 4lb or 6lb

    DIAMETER (with liner inserted):

    2lb- 5"

    4lb- 6-1/8"

    6lb: 7-1/4"

    RETURN INFORMATION: We are sorry but we cannot accept returns of used equipment. For our full return policy, please click here.

    Click here for a link to our Manchego Recipe

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    • beautiful
    From: Kentucky

    Makes beautiful cheeses

    I actually bought the same mold from a different company, and I am so glad y'all are carrying them now in different sizes. This mold is well-made and the pattern strip is lovely. You do not have to use cheesecloth with this, and also, once you get the cheese in the mold, you can't exactly flip it because the pattern will be messed up if you have the strip in the right way. I just press for a longer period of time- 16-20 hours and have had great success. Initially the strip is really hard to remove, but this loosens with use.