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    This book was intended as an inspirational manual for keeping a family cow. A lifetime of practical experience has been bound into one volume and presented in the spirit of fun and learning!

    DESCRIPTION: "Keeping a Family Cow", by Joann Grohman (282 pages, paperback). Joann gives us a "moooving" experience! She contends, "the cow is the most productive, efficient creature on earth....she will provide you with fresh milk, manure for your garden or land, a calf to raise, sell or use for meat. Quite simply, the family that keeps a cow is a healthy family."
    This book has all the information you need to keep, care for and enjoy the benefits of keeping a family cow. It is jam-packed with details about every aspect of cow stewardship, including housing, feeding, breeding, milking, and of course, cheesemaking! If you don't already own a cow, you'll be certain you can no longer live without one after reading this book!

    NOTE FROM CUSTOMER: "I was pleased to see that you sell the book, "Keeping a Family Cow". I got a cow by accident a couple of years ago and the book has made quite a significant impression on my life!"-Sal

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    • good detail
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    From: new york

    This one is good

    I just finished reading this book and I am glad I bought it. I know this will be an addition to my reference books that I use over and over. Good detail about how to raise a cow.