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Cheese Making Recipes from our Customers

Cheese Making Recipes From Our Customers

Recipes from around the world for home cheese making

Here's a collection of recipes from cheese makers all over the world. Many have been passed down from generation to generation and each one is a great resource. If you have a cheese making recipe your friend, parent or grandparent shared with you please let us know and we'll post it here for everyone to enjoy. Sharing recipes is so much fun!

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Basket Cheese an Italian cheese from a customer

Beyaz Peynir traditional Turkish cheese from a customer.

Butter in a Bowl easy for beginners.

Chevron An old family Lebanese recipe, from a customer, going back many decade

Clotted Cream a Devonshire treat!

Creme Fraiche A deliciously rich and creamy treat, moderation is required when eating this little delicacy!

Cup Cheese A Pennsylvania Dutch Cheese made by the Amish and Mennonites since before the time of the Americna Revolution.

Edam Traditioanlly a Dutch cheese, made with partially skimmed milk & eaten when young.

Farmers Cheese A simple pressed white cheese.

Fromage Blanc A wonderfully creamy cheese that may be used in place of cream cheese in any recipe.

Guban A Lebanese cheese using the simplest of ingredients, from a customer.

John's Cheese A Latvian farmer's cheese with caraway seeds, traditionally made for the Summer Solstice.

Juustoaleipa A Finnish, squeeky cheese recipe from a customer

Latvian Easter Cheese (Pashka) A Sweet Farmer's cheese with eggs, sugar and dried fruit!

Leban A yogurt cheese from Saudi Arabia

Lemon Cheese A refreshingly simple spreading cheese to start with, especially simple for kids!

Ostkaka A Swedish (Scandinavian) dessert dish, traditionally served at Christmas.

Queso Blanco A South American quick white cheese similar to the Indian cheese Panir.

Queso Fresco Another warm weather cheese.

Saint Maure Soft, fresh, log shapped goats cheese covered with a white bloomy surface mould.

Shankleshe A delicious Lebanese and Syrian treat!

Yogurt Cheese or Middle Eastern Lebanie.

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