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'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 1 & 2
'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 1 & 2
....Training at Ferme des Ages Caprine Centre....
France '02
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After our long flight and longer drive
we arrive for lunch.. at suppertime..
now we know we are in France
...following which we begin the tour of our first goat farm
... and now the cheese... the reason we have come all this way
the cheese is still made in the simple, traditional, yet efficient way
Ali knows much about each of the farms we visit
and we find that each cheesemaker
has their own little secrets
Day2.. starts bright and early
as we don our bubble suits for Training at Ferme des Ages Caprine Centre
Ricki and Denise.. quite intent on discovering the facts
The goats milk from the farm has been set and ready to be formed
the transfer is done into ganged
pyramid molds with no cutting
the molds are then topped up
and the bases smoothed flat
'Dr' Ali and associate
examining the drained pyramids
1 ... 2....3... 4.......
that's a lot of cheese
salting is done during the draining process in the same room as the make
They are then taken to the aging room where the final coat
and flavor will develop
once the process is complete
they receive their final 'AOC' label
and are ready for sale
Nothing escapes the scrutiny
of our little group
Ali makes sure we understand the french translation
France '02
Go to Day 3 & 4

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