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'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 3&4
'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 3 & 4
Goat and Ewe Dairy visits and the caves at Roquefort....
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France '02

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Day3.. begins with some rain ... but there is no dampening our spirits
...as we wheel across the countryside to a biologique goat farm
... and now again Ali helps present the cheese... the reason we have come all this way
at each visit we are sent on our way with a sampling of their great cheese
and of coarse we need to add a few more samples to our travelling cheese board
.. oh yes ... by now our little car is renamed 'Le Cave' due to our collection of aromatic goodies
... pictured here in one of our late nite dashes around France
Day 4 .. begins with a visit to a small ewes milk cooperative on the Larzac Plateau
... well it looks like a day off for cheesemakers today
as we enter the dairy it looks pretty modern with pasteurization and lots of new stainless
..but as we move along to what really happens here...
..we step back to another time .. the traditional cheese are still being made here
...and aged in the traditional ways
the traditional surface molds are allowed to develop...
.. and develop
... is it just our imagination or are those things moving !!!
.. just a closer look at these, before the ammonia drives us out
and now for the best part of all ...
tasting and buying more to pack into 'Le Cave'
The 'Cheese Queen' Ricki thinks that this cheese will fit into 'Le Cave' too
It has been a pretty long day already but like most days on this trip we end it with
the '2 hour' driving tour of France...

it just seems like 5 hours

the caves at Roquefort were really quite impressive and off we go to Carmejane.. the cheesemaking school in Provance... we arrive late and are greeted by our new french friends and a wonderful dinner
.. followed by more cheese.. you would think our enthusiasm for this would be less by now.. Ali and Alyce reviewing the events so far.. has anyone seen Ali's shirt? .. a very late ending with lots of wine, song, and new friends
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France '02
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