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'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 5
....arrival in Haute Provence....
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France '02
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Day5... is a Sunday
so we get a little time off
in a very beautiful spot
We begin with a trip
to the local market....
....for more cheese
.....and bread
... to put together ..
... a picnic in the sun
.. in Provence
.. in love with this place
Stanley our shepherd ...
keeping an eye on things
In the afternoon we are off
to visit a local goat's milk cheese maker
As in most of our visits,
this cheese is made by a couple
moved back from city to the land

.Our next visit is a
Ewe's milk cheese maker
.... again.. a small farm
where two people
do it all......
...from tending the sheep to ...
... making the cheese
and oh what cheese it is
as the samples come out
'Le Cave' is not complaining yet
so it will be ..
.. more Fromage for the road
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France '02
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