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'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 6 & 7
'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 6 - 8
....Training at Centre Fromage de Carmejane....
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France '02
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.. Today we begin at Carmejane
in Haute Provance... with a backdrop of mountains for a distraction
This is one of the best cheesemaking schools in France..here we will learn
the secrets of cheesemaking in France
...with 3 days
in the classroom
for the technical view...
...and in the dairy room where we
made cheese from the practical sense
Ivan is our first instructor
and we begin with
the making of Reblochon
Mark Bates 'the cheeseguy'
from WSU adds his words of wisdom
there is just so much to learn here
...and we hope the notes will help
when we return home
Patrick is our next
'guru de fromage'
and he will teach us to make
larger Tomme style cheese
.. Patrick shows us several texture tests to determine curd ready to mold
Patrick shows many little tips and tricks in making these cheese
the focus here is the farmstead approach to practical cheesemaking
Now is this the appropriate footware for the style conscious cheese maker??

Sadly, we are finished with our training here at Carmejane and must say goodbye to our new friends..
But we are headed north to the Haute Savoie to learn more about the 'Mountain Cheese'
... and of course since we are in France we must not forget ...
the most important part of the day...
more cheese, bread, and wine
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France '02
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