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'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 9
'Cheese On Wheels' .. Tour de France... Day 9
....The mountain Cheese of Haute Savoie....
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France '02

'you folks look lost !'
Now with this for your daily view how could you make a bad cheese
here is our group of cheese makers arriving for our...
....visit to see the Abondance cheese being made
the traditional copper kettle and the curd being cut
the unique form
has been made ready
the curd is removed
from the vat ...
...in a very unique manner
as the curd is retrieved..
..it is set into the mold
and pressed into place
the cloths are smoothed out and tucked in..
..and then the forms are stacked for initial pressing
they are pressed overnight..
and then forms are removed
..the the cheese is brined
..and taken to the cave

The Abondance visit has shown the cheese being made by a single person on the farm

However, much of the cheese in France is today made in small Dairy Cooperatives where the milk from many farms is made into cheese
...where the final aging
takes place
and this makes it all
so very worth while
We next visit one making
Tomme de Savoie
molds are prepared while
the curd is being readied
the curd is then pumped
into the molds...
...then stacked for pressing.. .. and quickly turned
creating this nicely formed 'Tomme' ready for the cave .. natural mold is allowed to develop... to create the final cheese
We next visit a traditional Fromager at his cave he is responsible for collecting the best cheeses and aging them to perfection before taking them off to market
these were some of the best cheeses we tasted in the cave a large wedge of Beauforte Alpage* (made on the mountain) also, some very fine Comte and the very hard to find Cantal Alpage
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France '02

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