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Presents: 'The Cheesemakers'

Paul Lacinski & Amy Klippenstein
Sidehill Farm in Ashfield MA
These are the real cheese makers .. the four legged ones that provide that fabulous milk we use
No .. not Amy and Paul .. it's the girls in the meadow we are talking about

Paul and Amy are friends of ours in Ashfield MA who have been raising veggies for local markets for the past several years, Over the past few years they have begun to build a small herd of quality milk producers. They have revamped a very old milking Parlor and developed their own version of a 'Mobile Milk Processing Plant' . They have also become certified for sales of Raw milk and things are beginning to build for them

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The 'Not so New' Mobile Milk Plant
Although it is compact .. it does what is needed .. note that the milk is all hand carried .. no pumps required ... no muss no fuss.
Paul gets the cows ... or is it that the cows get Paul Inside the refurbished milk parlor .. I am sure the girls just love those pink walls .. ahh, it's just to show they care and want happy cows
Finishing up ... .. a bit of milk for the little one .. .. a bite for the rest .. ...and back out they go
Jim Wallace 2/07

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