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Cheese Making Recipes on our Blog

Cheese Making Recipes on Our Blog

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Here are some delicious recipes from our "guest bloggers" who have graciously shared their cheese making adventures. Each recipe is filled with photos and wonderful tips. Please note we have not tested all of them.

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Asiago Pepato by "The Weekend Artisan"

Recently, in an e-mail, Doug mentioned the names of several cheeses he was currently making, including Asiago Pepato.


Super Easy Basket Cheese for Children

Handed down by word of mouth to Rosanne Coreano of NY, this recipe produces a rather mild cheese. It is eaten either by itself or enjoyed on Bruchetta or toast, drizzled with olive oil, a pinch of garlic salt and a slice of ripe tomato, Yum!


Brie a la Carly and Jean

Recently we’ve been making a fair bit of brie cheese, we’ve been using the Cleopatra’s raw cow’s milk (including the cream on top!).   4L (one gallon) makes 3 good size brie cheese wheels.


Making Burfi (Barfi) from India

Kalakand is the name of a famous dessert in India made from cottage cheese and Barfi is a generalized name for sweets made from milk and other ingredients like mango barfi, chocolate barfi, milk barfi, almond barfi etc. Barfi is mainly a sweet confection made from milk and sugar.


Making Burrata

The assembly is a little tricky (I admit I haven't quite worked it out yet, as you'll see from the pictures), but I'm thrilled to know that this delicacy can be made at home, any time I want. (Fortunately for my health, it's involved enough that I won't want to make it all the time, because I could eat it any day.)

30 Minute Burrata with Suzanne McMinn

This burrata recipe is based on Ricki Carroll’s 30-Minute Mozzarella. Artisan cheesemakers make burrata using a traditional mozzarella method (with thermophilic culture etc), so I guess you can call this 30-Minute Burrata!


Making Cultured Butter with Raw Milk

Our guest butter maker, Patrick Crouch uses cream from raw cow's milk with buttermilk for his culture.


Making Buttermilk Cheese & More

I grew up loving the kitchen and the wonderful things that came out of my grandmother's kitchen. I also remember fondly the hard work yet simplicity of her life. I have always loved farms but have never lived on one. With a love of food, baking and canning, making cheese just seemed a natural thing to do. There is a satisfaction in knowing you made something yourself.


Caerphilly with Suzanne McMinn

A creamy but sharp cheese that originated as a staple in coal miners’ lunch pails. It wasn’t made in Caerphilly, but was sold at market there, giving it its name.

Caerphilly Almost Instant Gratification

Caerphilly is a light-coloured (almost white), crumbly cheese made from cow's milk, and generally has a fat content of around 48%. It has a mild taste, with its most noticeable feature being a not unpleasant slightly sour tang.

Caerphilly with Enola Gay

We enjoy Caerphilly on crackers but have also grated it for use in cooking. The longer it ages the sharper it becomes, so if you age it for 3 to 6 months, it makes incredible macaroni and cheese.


Cajeta with Ben Guyton from Austin, Texas

If you want the best dessert topping in the world…. you HAVE to make cajeta. Cajeta is basically a dulce de leche or caramel made from goat’s milk and sugar.


Camembert with the Mad Fermentationist

He also makes his own cheese, bread, kombucha, charcuterie, mead, sake, vinegar, wine, pickles and sauerkraut. That's a lot of good bacteria!

Peter Barrett's Camembert

Enough time has elapsed since the beginning of my beautiful friendship with the local raw milk source for me to finally show the evolution of one of my more impressively successful DIY endeavors: camembert. It could have aged a bit longer to reach its peak, but we had a special guest on Friday night and I needed to break it out to complete the meal (with homemade bread, of course).

Joe Hayen & his Camembert

Joe taught elementary school for 33 years in the western suburbs of Chicago.  He mostly taught fourth and fifth grades (fourth was his favorite), but he also taught six, seventh, and eighth grades in the early years.  Now, we think it might be time for him to teach cheese making.


Stephanie Soleil's Urban Cheddar

So we live in a city and yes, we made our first Farmhouse Cheddaaaaaar! Here’s how it went…

Stirred Curd Cheddar with Suzanne McMinn

Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, with a long history going back to the cheddar caves in England, where it was known as the cheese of kings.

Making Farmstead Cheddar

Jayne documents everything on her wonderful blog, Barefoot Kitchen Witch.  She allowed us to condense her Farmhouse Cheddar experience which she shares in 3 separate articles

Horseradish Cheddar & Jalapeno Cheddar

Yesterday my friend Dana and I made a special batch of Stirred-Curd Cheddar. We split it up into a Horseradish Cheddar and a Jalepeno Cheddar.


Making Cheese Curds with Brian Dixon

While relatively simple as far as cheese making goes, I was really looking forward to making cheese curds.  I've had them before in various locations, but never the 'real ones' from Wisconsin or Minnesota, so I didn't know what to expect, except that they should be relatively mild and squeaky when chewed!  And for me, this make was a milestone.

Making & Serving Cheese Curds

In Canada, and bordering US states, poutine is a very popular (if somewhat high calorie!) dish consisting of curds and gravy over french fries.


Making Chevre, Freezing it & Using it in Recipes

Spring means goat's milk and goat's milk means chevre.  Lots of it!  As you know, sometimes you just can't eat it all.  In fact, you make so much that you have to freeze some of it.  Not to worry!  It will change texture slightly but it will still be great

Andrew Wilder Makes Chevre

Andrew devotes most of his time to his other blog-www.eatingrules.com where there's a lot of good information about the food situation in this country.  This last October he led 415 folks in his October Unprocessed campaign where they all pledged to give up processed foods for the entire month.


Ricki's Coeur a la Creme Recipe

For Valentine's Day, Ricki believes there is no better gift for your sweetie than a plate of Coeur a la Crème, smothered in succulent strawberries. (Coeur a la Crème means "Heart of the Cream" in French.) Yum!

Coeur a la Creme with Suzanne McMinn

A unique soft cheese concoction, Fromagina is a cross between fromage blanc and mascarpone. It delivers a rich, creamy cheese that is perfect for sweet and savory spreads as well as dessert recipes.


Colby with Nancy Wolff

Colby Cheese is a type of cheddar and only has to be aged from 2 to 3 months. Perfect for a first time cheese maker.



A very salty cheese crumbled atop tacos, beans, enchiladas, corn, soups. Pretty much sprinkle it on anything you want to accent with a salty creamy garnish. Cotija is traditionally made with cow’s milk. It was created in Cotija, Michoacán in Central Mexico.


Goat's Milk Cottage Cheese

A recipe from Mary Jane Toth's Goats Produce Too!

Cottage Cheese with Kevin the Gardener

MMMMM...take a bite of homemade cottage cheese, and you'll think you're eating a cloud. It's light. It's fluffy. It's the kind of thing I like to fold into pancake batter for breakfast, or to serve with blueberries for dessert. You won't believe how easy it is to make this ambrosia, or how self-reliant you'll feel after you've made it

Cottage Cheese from the Cheesemakers' Journal

Cottage Cheese is an American cheese which was developed by immigrants from central Europe. It was known as cottage cheese due to the fact that it was made on farm cottages throughout the country. It has also been known as pot cheese and farmers' cheese; in Scotland there is a similar cheese called Crowdie.


English Style Coulommiers

I am not sure why I had never tried to make this fresh cheese before, but I am certainly glad that the availability of fresh goat milk (latte di capra) coupled with an impending trip steered me towards it. Different from Coulommiers, its English-style counterpart is not mold-ripened and can be eaten shortly after being made.


Stephanie Manley's Cream Cheese

I love cream cheese, I think it can be the salvation of any meal. It has been a salvation of many of my favorite meals.


Crescenza with Ian Treuer of Cheesepalooza

Overall this is an excellent cheese to make and to eat. I have tried some on a cracker and it was quite good. It was firm enough to be sliced, but soft enough to be spread as well.


Curd Cheese from Cultured Milk

 Dr. Rhys Evans lives in Norway and he loves good food. So, he cooks a lot from healthy ingredients and he has begun his own food blog called Eating Well is the Best Revenge


Edam Cheese

Edam is one of those cheeses that often gets overlooked in the recipe books. That may be because it is a lot like making Gouda, (another washed rind cheese) and, along with Colby, those cheeses are better known in the US.


Farmer's Cheese with Oksana Hill

It's always fun when a great cook like Oksana realizes she can make her own cheese.


Erik's 20 Minute Farmer's Cheese

This cheese can be eaten fresh or aged up to a year. My goal for cheese making is to be a relaxing fun hobby that I do on the weekends.

French Style Feta with Gayle Starbuck

My French Great-Grandfather had plenty of sheep’s milk available to make his creamy French style Feta in 1900. Although he was gone long before I could taste some, my mother fondly remembers her stays on his Farmstead and the different types of cheese, wine and preserved olives he taught her to make.


Making Feta with the Barfoot Kitchen Witch

At long last, after a summer-long painting-induced hiatus, I'm back to making cheese again.  I missed it. I especially missed goat cheese.


Feta with Tammy Kimbler

I’d like to say that feta is my favorite cheese, but that would be a lie. I love cheese, all of it, so I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. But feta is one of my favorites to make at home because it is so easy.


Fromage Blanc from Soul Flower Farm

A small urban farm located in the East Bay Area of California, striving to incorporate biodynamic farming methods and permaculture design to be self sustaining. Raising goats, chickens, ducks, bees, and boys, homeschooling, sustainable building, and practicing holistic medicine keeps us busy.

Fat Free Fromage Blanc

My beautiful daughter Deana, 12 years old going on 19, has been watching my attempts at making cheese and has been showing more and more interest in it.  Fortunately, one of the dad-daughter things we like to do together is to cook nice things in the kitchen (usually sushi - Deana's fave), so why not invite her in and let her try making the Fromage Blanc?  After all, it's easy!


Gouda Goat Cheese Recipe from Marblemount Homestead

Once a month, starting in the Spring, Corina Sahlin teaches a Saturday cheese making class from noon - 3:30. The class starts in the barn where participants pick up the fresh milk from her goats and continues into her kitchen where they learn the principles of cheese making while making Gouda.

A Gouda Time with Suzanne McMinn

Gouda cheese originated in the medieval Dutch city by that name, but of course it’s made all over the world now.

Larry Todd on Making Gouda

I became interested in cheeses, when through my job and my relocations I was in places that had a great variety of good cheese.  My wife and I would try all types of different cheeses at the markets and then bring them home for eating with wine, bread, crackers, fruit or use in cooking.  We became fond of a large variety of cheeses including sheep and goat.

Gouda with Tara Tarbet

I went to a cheesemaking class on Saturday to learn how to make Gouda. Today is my first attempt at home. Well, I did it last Saturday, but it took me a while to get all the photos up!


Mustafa's Hellim - Also Known as Halloumi

"With regards to Halloumi and Hellim, the cheese is the same. However, in Europe and Greece the cheese is called "Halloumi," whereas in Turkey we call it "Hellim." The taste is the same. When it's sold in America and Europe, however, it is usually referred to as "Halloumi." In Turkey and Cyprus it is sold as Hellim."


Part 1 - Ordering Kefir Grains

There are few, if any, foods more loaded with probiotic bacteria than kefir grains. They are little living ecosystems, packing a whallup of good, disease fighting bacteria.  There really is no comparison between living grains and the probiotic supplements you can buy.

Part 2 - Growing Kefir Grains

Many readers contributed knowledge, but two of them, in particular, sent us pictures of the entire process they use to grow their grains

Part 3 - Using Kefir Grains & Sharring Them with Friends

These are the suggestions we received from our readers who answered our request for information in the November Moosletter.


Lactic Cehese with Suzanne McMinn

Lactic cheese is one of the easiest, and most versatile, of the soft cheeses, and it delivers an incredible yield on just one gallon of milk. “Lactic” means milk, and that’s what it is, an ingeniously simple milk cheese. It looks and acts like cream cheese, but without any cream, leaving the cream for butter, whipped cream, coffee cream, and other delectable purposes. It’s also one of the most forgiving recipes I’ve ever used, which has made it a big favorite here.

Kathleen Burek's Goat Milk Cheese

Kathleen likes to add garlic and spices to her cheese, but she points out that you can literally add anything.  It's similar to Panir, but Kathleen calls it Easy Farmstead Cheese.  I tasted it, of course, and it's yummy!


Manchego with Dannon Nicholes

A Spanish cheese traditionally made from sheep milk but cow's milk is used in this one. I was quite excited to try it since I lived in Spain for two years and enjoyed several of the cheeses there.

Mascarpone - How to Make it & Recipe Suggestions

Mascarpone, the queen of dessert cheeses. At least it is when it's freshly made. The mascarpone available in most stores is a little rubbery and a bit too citrusy. The real thing has a texture like whipped cream about to turn to butter and an ethereal, ever-so-slightly tart flavor.


Cheese Challenge - Montery Jack

I love Monterey Jack and especially Pepper Jack.  I use Pepper Jack in my homemade pepperoni rolls.  I need homemade Pepper Jack! 


30 Minute Mozzarella with Kevin Lee Jacobs

WHAT’S MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF MONKEYS? Making your own mozzarella cheese. I made the shiny, perfectly-textured, unbelievably delicious loaf pictured up top in only 30 minutes. The ingredients are as simple as the recipe.

Traditional Mozzarella with Goat's Milk

Mozzarella (Traditional) with Goat's Milk - The recipe I used is actually portions of a recipe for goats’ milk provolone. Provolone is kind of like a brined, aged cousin of mozzarella. It’s cooked, whereas the mozzarella is not. And the provolone is aged as well.

Brian Dixon on Making Mozzarella in Alaska

At the request of my wife, I decided to turn this whole batch into a couple of prosciutto rolls.  I divided the cheese in two, heated a tad in the microwave since it cools off rather quickly, then patted it out on some plastic, as shown.  I layered on a double-thick layer of prosciutto ham, then rolled it up in the plastic just like a jelly roll.

30 Minute Mozzarella Again

The ingredients are simple although a couple of them you may have to search a bit for, but the end result is worth it--especially when you can say "I made it myself!"

Making Mozzarella with Anya, Age 10

Anya Firisen is 10 years old and she already knows more about cheese than most of us.  Ricki met her when she attended a Cheesemaking 101 Workshop with her former pre-school teacher this past summer.  Soon after, Anya appeared in an article in Culture magazine (Fall, 2010) called "Lunchbox Lessons."  She made recommendations and gave advice to help other young cheese enthusiasts.  In fact, Culture teamed up with the Cowgirl Creamery to offer a selection of the cheeses Anya recommended.

Smoked 30 Minute Mozzarella

In the beginning, Jayne was a careful follower of directions, but now she's gotten creative with it and she's having a lot of fun.  Here's her latest amazing achievement.

30 Minute Mozzarella with Nancy Charbonneau

I received my kit as a gift, and if there are any readers out there wondering whether or not this would make a good gift, wonder no more.  My cheesemaking adventure was a blast, the cheese is incredibly fresh and delicious - and I made it!  But moreover, this kit has made me a stronger person.  I'll explain...

McMinnerella - Easy, Soft & Mozzarella-like

Here is my trick for creating this wonderful, soft restaurant-style cheese plus my recreation of the fabulous Caprese sandwich.

Mother & Daughter Foodbloggers on Making Mozzarella

Lauren is a second generation foodie.  She and her mother, Dee Kincke, have a blog they call "Fresh From the Heart of Texas."  Lauren has her own blog called "Bytes From Texas: One Longhorn's Adventures."  If you're looking for some good recipes, check them out.

30 Minute Mozzarella with Carly & Jean

We were so excited to try another type of cheese at home so this post is how we made it. The great thing about making mozzarella is that it’s quite simple, fairly quick and you can eat it straight away!


Munster Anyone? Suzanne McMinn Did it Again

Munster cheese is one of a family of cheeses known for their strong smell from the red bacteria. The flavor varies from mild to strong depending on how long you age the cheese.


Making Cheese in Thailand

Wendy has access to organic raw milk, so she is able to make cheese. Most of the time she makes a fresh, white cheese (similar to Panir) and she sent us her recipe.


Fresh White Cheese Recipe from Wendy Akin

Wendy has access to organic raw milk, so she is able to make cheese. Most of the time she makes a fresh, white cheese (similar to Panir) and she sent us her recipe.

Panir & Curried Potato Rounds from Sarah Kelman

Panir is super easy and requires no esoteric cheese making supplies (if you substitute any clean, smooth cloth for the butter muslin, which you could if you were butter muslin-less). So, if you're contemplating the idea of cheese but you don't want to make any investment, start with panir.


Paneer with Lauren Rea

Six months ago, Lauren made Paneer, a very easy "beginner" cheese. She documented it in her usual way, with beautiful pictures and easy to follow instructions.


Making Parmesan with Dannon Nichols

I have only been making cheese for a relatively short time, mainly because my wife said I needed a hobby and that I also needed to learn patience.  So, after taking a class at the local library, I started making cheese.

Parmesan with Gavin Webber

My all time favorite cheese is Parmesan, or properly known as Parmigiano Reggiano. I try and make about 1kg (2.2lbs) every few months to keep up with supply at home.  It takes a long time to mature (I leave it for 12 months minimum), but it tastes divine!  


Provolone Sucess Story


Queso Blanco with The Cheesy Geek

In 2010, George made a lot of different cheeses - Farmhouse Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, Gouda, Cream Cheese, Fromage Blanc, Greek Style Yogurt and 30 Minute Mozzarella.  Then, in 2011, he did a series of instructional articles for folks starting out.


Queso Blanco with Sonia Martinez

Queso blanco is simply 'white cheese'. In Cuba we used to also call it farmer's cheese or 'queso de campo.'


Queso Fresco with Suzanne McMinn

Queso fresco (fresh cheese) is a light, mild Mexican cheese that isn’t technically a hard cheese, but is pressed, making the method similar. For the new cheesemaker, it’s an immediate gratification cheese. Queso fresco isn’t aged. It’s a chance to try out your cheese press–and eat the cheese right away.


An Opera Singer Makes Ricotta

Caroline is only 23, but she has studied in Italy and she knows what good Ricotta tastes like. So, it means a lot to us that she appreciates our kit. If you haven't made your own Ricotta, this just might get you going.


Whole Milk Ricotta with Tien

Tien Douglas, from Savoy, Illinois has a cooking blog (Cooking With Tien) with all kinds of recipes, including some Vietnamese dishes she learned from her mother.


Goat's Milk Ricotta from Iron Oak Farm

I wanted cream for coffee in the morning. (priorities right?) So we used the "Ricotta From Heaven" recipe, and let me tell you, it is aptly named.


Ricotta Salata

One of the more successful cheeses I’ve made is a variant of a Ricotta Salata, or salted ricotta. I like this recipe because it is simple, doesn't require any fancy equipment, and you can age it in your fridge without need for an aging-cave.

Ricotta Salata with Shannon Olson

I am in love with this cheese! So far everyone that has tried it, has asked for more. Wonderful salty, sharp just perfect for snacking or with a good crusty bread.


Robiola with Simona Carini

Simona teaches how to make cheese and how to speak Italian at her beautiful website, Briciole - An idiosyncratic and opinionated dictionary of Italian words related to food, with audio accompaniment - and recipes. 


Making Romano with Suzanne McMinn


Skyr with Jules & Ruby

An Icelandic dairy product resembling Greek yogurt, but thicker and with a very slight cheese tang.  Some say it's not a yogurt at all.  it actually IS a cheese.  the process of making it is like yogurt, but it calls for rennet, a cheese making ingredient and the incubation doesn't seem to be as temperamental.


String Cheese with Mara Welton

Are you tired of spending a small fortune on those little tubes of string cheese? Why do it? You and/or your children will much prefer the taste of your own healthier version and you'll be using less plastic, which, of course, is better for the environment.

Sulguni - A Streatched Curd Cheese

Similar to Mozzarella, it is very popular in the Republic of Georgia


Suris (Lithuanian Farmer's Cheese)

Lietuviškas suris, a soft, mild Lithuanian farmer’s cheese

Swiss with Terrie Travers

We really enjoy what we do; growing and creating. But, we also like to have fun with food. That's really where the cheese making came in.

Philippines - Making "Velveeta"

This recipe was compiled from multiple sources, mainly here, plus my own experience. It is written for people who have access to raw milk, but do not have fancy things like thermometers, cultures or even a modern stove.


Homemade Velveeta

Yes, it's embarrassing, but the truth is that sometimes you want macaroni made with Velveeta, the way your mother made it.  You're not alone and we're here to help you.


Washed Rind Cheese with Andy Mahoney

Inspired by my experience washing Bermondsey Spa cheese in Kernel Brewery ale with Mootown Cheese I decided I wanted to try and recreate it’s oozing, meaty goodness at home.


The Greening of Gavin's Wensleydale

Over the last few weeks I have had four requests for the cheese recipe I use for Wensleydale. So here it is. Just make sure you have at least 9 hours up your sleeve and don't start making it at 7pm and end up finishing at 3am like I did a few weeks ago!


Whey Cheeses - Prim-ost, Mysost, Gjetost

Mysost is a Norwegian cheese made from caramelized cow's milk whey, often the whey left over after making traditional curd cheese. When made with goat's whey, the cheese is called gjetost. They are unusual, not what you'd necessarily expect when someone tells you they are serving you cheese. Both cheeses are smooth, sweet, sour, salty, slightly brown--and deliciously different.


Greek-Style Yogurt with Kevin Lee Jacobs

I can't sing the praises of Greek-style yogurt loudly enough. It’s luxurious. It’s thick and creamy. It’s rich in pro-biotics. I love it for breakfast, either all on its own or topped with berries (or with my homemade granola). It’s great on a baked potato, too, in place of sour cream. Yet for all these healthy, delicious attributes, this yogurt (and all yogurt) is unbelievably easy to make.


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