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Opportunity Knocks!

At Smith's Country Cheese in Winchendon, Massachusetts

Ricki and Dave Smith have been friends for at least 27 years - since the first meetings of the American Cheese Society.  Dave (at right) still marvels at what a motley crew they all were back then. 

He remembers those meetings as "Ma and Pa Clampett Go to the City."  The valets didn't even know how to drive his old pickup at the conference center in Boston!)

In those days, every summer, the Cheese Queen had a booth at the Eastern States Exposition (state fair), where she served Smith's Country Cheese on slices of apple pie. 

  During those early years, Dave and his wife grew their dairy business to the point where now their cows produce over 5 million pounds of milk per year!  (That's Carol at left with their daughter, Jennifer.)

Then, last October, tragedy struck when Dave was run over by a loader.  He was in a coma for 1 1/2 weeks with a crushed leg and internal damage. 

Just a day after Dave's accident, their cheese maker's husband died in a car accident.

Dave is now able to walk with the help of a crutch, but it will be awhile before he can do farm work again.  Making cheese is labor intensive and it appears that Dave's intensive laboring days are over. 

However, the business is thriving and Dave wants to see that continue. 

He would like to help an experienced cheese maker with an entrepreneurial spirit (or a couple) ease their way into running and eventually owning the business. 

To see our blog article with more pictures and a video - click here


Dannon Nicholes in Hebron, Kentucky

There must be a rule that all male cheese makers are handsome and nice!  Doesn't it seem that way?

Dannon Nicholes is a father of two whose wife suggested he get a hobby less than a year ago.  So, he took a cheese making class at a local library and started making cheese. 

Wives are always right, of course, and Dannon took to cheese making like a duck to water.  He started with our Mozzarella Kit in July, 2011, and since then, he's made a wide variety of fabulous cheeses. (Check out his blog - Dannon's Big Cheese)

Even his first Parmesan was a smashing success (although the truth is he ate it 2 months before it was finished aging!).  Eating the cheese is the best part of this particular hobby, don't you think?

To see our blog article with Dannon making Manchego - click here


Most of us are not currently living in Rome, but now we all have a great way to celebrate the Italian culture with this wonderful cheese. 

Jim's wrote his recipe for the version of Romano we are most familiar with in the US - Vacchino Romano, made with cow's milk.  Other kinds include Pecorino Romano (sheep's milk) and Caprino Romano (made with goat's milk).

Jim loves all the Italian cheeses and he has been going to the Slow Food Cheese Festival in Bra, Italy for many years.  So, he's become quite an expert at making these cheeses and there's a lot (to say the least!) to be learned from his recipes.

He has included some important information on the addition of lipase to the milk (see our blog article - About Lipase).  He feels that although, in general, it is  over used by many home cheese makers, for this cheese it is VERY appropriate. 

To see Jim's recipe - click here

Solution for Aging Her Camembert in Florida

Regarding my Camemberts:  I've found that a week after the white mold has formed, I move the cheese to the deli locker of my main fridge for 2-3 weeks and the cheese comes out perfect.

No more weird stinky molds, slip skin or failure. Just perfectly delicious and perfectly ripened. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right.

I've only done it on the last 2 batches. I'm learning as I go. I was afraid it might be too cold in there, but obviously it's not.
I took temperature readings in every compartment of my fridge and the deli locker was the closest to "ideal" as I could get. It slowed down the aging which was what I was trying to do. I'm really happy it worked out so well.
Louise M Dutton, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(Note:  Louise has a bakery called  Weezie's Gluten-Free Kitchen)

Good Milk in Hawaii?

I am so excited about making GOOD cheese. When I was a kid one of my friend's moms (they were Italian) taught me to make ricotta. 

Later in life, I became friends with Paula Lambert (cheese maker in Texas) and shipped her cheeses to Hawaii for my restaurant. 

Now, I am all about the source -  growing my own - from lettuce to hens for eggs.  I just hope I don't have to go into ranching, though I'm from Texas - I think that might be a bit much!

My question is - Where do I find a good source for cow's and goat's milk on the Big Island?  I live in Kona and love cheese, and want to buy a kit and ingredients from you, but realize I have to begin with the main ingredients.
Amy E. Ferguson, Kailua Kona, Hawaii  
(Note:  If you know any sources, please send them to us at info@cheesemaking.com so we can add them to our Good Milk List.)

Send your news & responses to Jeri at Moosletter@cheesemaking.com

(Note: Questions about making cheese go to info@cheesemaking.com)


Free Classified Ads!

YAY!!!  The Cheese Queen has ruled that from this day forward, all classified ads will be free in the kingdom! 

Here's the procedure:  Send your copy (60 words or less) to ads@cheesemaking.com.  We will enter your ad as soon as we can.  When you are ready to remove your ad, send another e-mail to the same address and voila! - it shall be done.

Now, here's the best part- every month in this very Moosletter, we will publish the new ads, so you will get even more exposure than you did before.  Our mailing list is over 80,000 cheese makers at this point and the list is growing all the time, so, if you can't sell that old press you replaced with a new one from us, where can you sell it?

This month, we're posting the ads as they appear now on our website and starting next month, we will post the new ones.  (And, don't forget to thank the Queen for this - she's loves to be appreciated!)


The deadline to enter your yogurt, cheese and other cultured dairy products in the 2012 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition is May 18th for the lowest rate of $60 per entry (by May 25th for $85 per entry).  No entries will be accepted after May 25th.  To register online - click here

For Sale

Wall mounted cheese press from C. Van't Riet.  My selling price is $300.  I bought this for $400 one year ago.  Please email me if you have any questions - aaron.c.snow@gmail.com.  (To check out the website I bought it from, click here)

Clover Mead Farm in New York's Adirondacks. Profitable. Solid reputation. Great cheeses. Turnkey operation. Owner wishes to retire. Sale price of $185,000 (negotiable). Certifiable organic dairy farm available separately. For photos, etc. - click here  Contact owner's rep: Tracy Frisch, tracyf@fastermac.net, 518/692-8242

30 gallon pasteurizer - "The Vat" - one year old, used 5 months-chart recorder with digital airspace and product thermometer, additional 90 degree stainless product elbow and clamps $20,000 ($22,000 new) also, 3 new stainless milk cans & 220 soft cheese molds.  Call Michael in the Hudson Valley, NY  (717) 891-5641

Jobs & Employment

Smith's Country Cheese in Winchendon, MA is looking for one or two entrepreneurs to take over the business so the owners can eventually retire.  It's a great opportunity for someone (or a couple) with a passion for dairy farming and cheese making.  For more info, call Dave Smith at 800-700-9974 or office@smithscountrycheese.com

Nobscot Artisan Cheese in Framingham, MA is looking for an apprentice who wants to learn the art and science of cheese making.  For more info - click here or call 508-433-0662

Looking for cheese maker for small plant in MA, just outside of Boston. Experience with VAT pasteurizer a plus, mozzarella making even better. Please contact us thru the website www.mozzarellahouse.com

Capriole, a commercial goat dairy/cheeseplant in southern IN, is seeking a herd manager with experience managing a commercial goat or cow dairy. Please send resume. Contact Judy Schad at 812.923.9201 or e-mail her at caprioleinc@aol.com

Lisa at Rainbeau Ridge Farm in Westchester, NY is looking for a cheesemaker to work with her.  Contact: lisa@rainbeauridge.com


Looking for small goat dairy partner and soulmate. I would like to set up a small goat dairy in any part of the country. I am looking for a partner who is willing to share such a venture fifty-fifty. Goals include semi-retired ease of living while enjoying all the joy and challenge that goats and cheese making bring. Get in touch at tfliveright@gmail.com.

Real Estate

Pinconning, MI.  54,000 sf manufacturing, suitable for food processing or cheese manufacturing, concrete ceiling, roof, tile walls and floor, huge refrigeration units and process boiler. Indoor receiving, 3 truck docks, heavy electrical supply, stainless silo, and whey storage. Easy access to highways, local water supply and waste water treatment, excellent labor pool plenty of milk supply in the area. Contact: Henry Johnson caesar11@sbcglobal.net


The National Livestock Producers Association (NLPA) Sheep & Goat Fund is a revolving fund with the sole purpose of assisting and improving the sheep and goat industries in the United States.  Visit www.SheepandGoatFund.com for more information.


John at the Brattleboro Co-op in Vermont is looking for a small (24" wide more or less) glass refrigerated counter top display unit to present his special cheeses. Call him at the co-op- (802) 257-0236 x 7

Workshops & Classes

Visit Blue Rock Station (Philo, Ohio), a special place with buildings constructed naturally from straw, earthen plaster, cans, bottles & more. Milk the goats, learn to make cheese, walk with the llamas on a trek or spend the weekend. For reservations - www.bluerockstation.com, or call Annie (740) 674-4300)


Cheesemaking 101

Workshops with Ricki Carroll

A full day of hands-on cheese making with Ricki in her beautiful house in the foothills of the Berkshires. You will learn to make Farmhouse Cheddar, Queso Blanco, Whole Milk and Whey Ricotta,  30 Minute Mozzarella, Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche and Mascarpone.

For more info - click here

Cheesemaking 201

Advanced Workshops with Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace has been our technical resource for a number of years now, teaching and answering our technical questions. He is an expert photographer, a great teacher and he has a wealth of knowledge. You will be delighted with his classes. They are more technical in scope than Ricki's introductory class, but are fine for the cheese maker who wants to learn more details of the process.

For more info - click here

8th Annual Seattle Cheese Festival

Seattle, Washington

May 19 - 20


Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Picton, Ontario, Canada

June 1 - 3

Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival

Little Chute, Wisconsin

June 1 - 3

Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill

Gloucestershire, UK

June 4


Beer Cheese Festival

Winchester, Kentucky

June 8 - 9


Victoriaville Fine Cheese Festival & Selection Caseus

Victoriaville, Quebec

 June 14 - 17th


Canton Wine & Cheese Festival

Canton, Pennsylvania

June 23


Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Shelburne, Vermont

July 22


The Big Cheese Festival

Caerphilly, Wales

July 27 - 29


American Cheese Society Annual Conference

Raleigh, North Carolina

August 1 - 4

Vermont Beer, Wine & Cheese Festival

Middlebury, Vermont

August 4


Sturminster Newton Cheese festival

Sturminster Newton, United Kingdom

September 8 - 9


Washington County Cheese Tour

Salem, New York

September 8 - 9


Wayne County Wine & Cheese Festival

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

September 15


The Great British Cheese Festival

Cardiff, Wales

September 22 - 23

The Wedge

Portland, Oregon

October 6


Pennsylvania Apple & Cheese Festival

Canton, Pennsylvania

October 6 - 7


Great Northern Cheese Festival

Cumbria, England

October 7


Wisconsin Cheese Originals Annual Festival

Madison, Wisconsin

November 9 - 10


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