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Presents: 'The Cheesemakers'

three generations of Widmers have made cheese
and lived on this site
Joe Widmer
Widmer's Cheese Cellars
Theresa, WI

Joe is the third generation cheesemaker making Brick Cheese in the traditional way just as his grandfather did


working in a fairly tight space

that is both cheese plant and sales room

The fresh milk is ripened

rennet is added

nd when the proper set is determined...

... the cutting of the curd ...

... begins with great care

a short wait for the whey to rise

nd the curd is carefullly stirred

following the proper curd development

whey is drained and warmer water is added to scald the curd

when whey is expelled the whey is drained again

the whey goes through a separater to remove the cream

meanwhile the curd is kept well stirrred

while the forms are made ready

here we see the bricks to be used for weight

any are the same bricks that Joe's grandfather started with

the curd is now transferred to

the waiting forms

and carefully evened off

the forms are then turned

preparing a proper surface

before the brick weights are added

after a proper pressing the salting begins

continuing through day 2

the next day the cheese is taken to the aging shelves

where it receives it's brine wash which will in time

develop the characteristic mold surface for ripening

Jim Wallace, the tech guy

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