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Pure Luck Texas
101 Twin Oaks Trail
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Fax: 512-858-7021
Email: pureluck@mindspring.com

In 1979, Sara Sweetser Bolton bought the farm. The Pure Luck Organics farm, that is. Although it was not a farm back when she bought it, just a large, sloping pasture fronting on fertile Barton Creek, located six miles west of Dripping Springs, Texas.
I was looking for a peaceful place in the country, where my two daughters, Gitana and Amelia could grow up and be exposed to the rural lifestyle. I wanted to put in an organic garden and raise some dairy goats, says Sara.
The ten-acre parcel of land she found had been a working tomato farm in the 1930s, and time old farmhouse was the homestead for the several hundred-acre farm. Our cheeses are carried by heath oriented grocery stores, restaurants, and other organic farms.

People ask me all the time, says Sara, how do I get the kids to help out on the farm? The secret is, and I am serious about this, when the TV breaks down, do not fix it. And I am sort of like Tom Sawyer whitewashing that fence. I make it fun planting, weeding, harvesting, making bouquets, making cheese, milking goats, and the kids just want to get in on it.
The cheeses we make are:
CHEVRE-A French style cheese, made fresh weekly, moist, creamy, delectably tart, made with the following herbs & peppers.

Basket Molded Chevre-2001 Blue Ribbon Winner and 2002 Red Ribbon Winner at the American Cheese Society competitions.

Fresh Parsley & Garlic-2002 Red Ribbon Winner at the American Cheese Society competition

New Mexico Red Chili Pepper


Mix-Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic, Parsley & Dill

Chipotle-Smoked Jalapeño


Fresh Basil Pesto-This spread made with Pure Luck's organic basil was the 1999 Blue Ribbon Winner at the American Cheese Society competition

FETA-A Greek style cheese, aged, sharp, clean, semi-soft, slightly salty, crumbly, in a sea salt brine Red Ribbon winner in 2001 & 2002

SAINTE MAURE-An authentic French regional cheese, dry, robust texture, sharp, surface-ripened, firm and smooth, strong, complex, Red Ribbon winner 2001.

DEL CIELO-A soft ripened, camembert-type cheese. This heavenly cheese took the Blue Ribbon at the American Cheese Society 1998-1999 Competition in the "Farmstead Goat Cheese" category. The best of its kind in the U.S.A.

 Pure Luck Texas

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