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Supplies for hobbyists, chefs, foodies, and sustainable/natural/real-food-lifestyle customers.

The Best Supplies

Our goal is to provide you and your customers with fun, easy-to-use supplies that stand out in the retail market. Along with the best home cheese making product line, we also maintain the world’s most complete home cheese making resource located on our website and blog at Cheesemaking.com. These resources that have been guiding, inspiring, and building confidence in cheese makers around the world for decades will be freely available to both you and your customers.

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Easy and Fun

Easy to use and fun for all, our products stand out on the retail market. With our tailored products you can confidently supply hobbyists, chefs, foodies, and sustainable/natural/real-food-lifestyle customers with ingredients, equipment, and easy-to-use kits for making delicious cheeses at home, including Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta, Cream Cheese and Colby.

A Family Company

Founded in 1978 when “home cheese making” was just a crazy idea, New England Cheesemaking Supply Company became the first supplier for home cheese makers in the U.S. and revolutionized the “whey” people learned how to make cheese. We’ve taught thousands through our workshops, including many of the world’s best artisan cheese makers. Through our catalog and website, we’ve sold our cheese making products to many thousand more. Now in its third edition, our book “Home Cheese Making,” has sold more than 170,000 copies.

Additional Benefits

With nearly 40 years of cheese making expertise, we have become the go to place for anyone looking to buy or sell cheese making supplies. Stores partnering with us will receive the most trusted products available today, along with our unparalleled cheese making resources and expertise.

When you carry our products you will receive:

  • A well known and proven product line.
  • Customer support for you and your customers, including technical help with recipes, products, techniques. etc.
  • Quick turnaround time on all orders.
  • Access to our complete line of home cheese making supplies and marketing material.

How to Set up an Account

Opening up a wholesale account is easy! We keep our minimum order requirements low to accommodate small retailers and offer discounts for large purchases. New to home cheese making? No problem. We are here to help and can assist you with choosing the best products for your location.

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Learn More About Our Company

Learn about who we are, how we got started, things we care about and what people are saying about us.

Our Company

Our founder, Ricki Carroll, is fondly referred to as “The Cheese Queen.” Ricki’s daughter, Sarah Carroll, now manages the company with her husband Mark Chrabascz. We have ten employees and proudly partner with our local veterans organization for packaging many of our products. After nearly forty years and many changes, we’re delighted to still lead the craft and be its most vocal champion. How do we manage it? We discovered something those many years ago that our customers have discovered too: That cheese making is only partly about the cheese. The rest is about the making. And if you do it right—with heart, with laughter, and with good friends, a day of cheese making can feel like magic.

Our Mission

"To make products that are fun, to share the joy and magic of cheese making with others, and to contribute to a sustainable community around the world.”

Contact Information:

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company
54B Whately Road
South Deerfield, MA 01373
Phone: 413-397-2012

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